2020 Nominees

Louis Carvalho

Sergeant Louis Carvalho went above and beyond after our community was hit by a tornado. It was a traumatic experience for our neighbourhood. Not only did he make sure we stayed safe and that there was no looting or "disaster tourists", but he kept checking in with us to make sure all was OK well after the disastrous event. He was more than an officer on duty; he was a stabilizing force for us all. We were evacuated and relocated for 9 months. We were able to sleep at night because he made sure he and his officers did everything they could to ensure our neighbourhood was protected and safe.

Jennifer Piasecka

Jen is a 911 dispatcher. In November 2018, a young male called 911; he had no idea where he was except to say he was in thick brush and stuck. A ping was done on the phone giving a general direction of this male's location. The officer made sure she was logged into her mobile phone and from her GPS and the male's GPS, Jen continued to update the officer. From the report it reads...

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Kristine Herfst

I have watched Kristine over the years give tirelessly to her job and the community as a whole. Her endless energy and big heart are inspiring. At work, she is support to the front-line members of the Chatham-Kent Police Service, but in the background she has made positive differences in the community as a board member for Victim Services and a repeat member of successful committees like the Polar Plunge, Shop with a Cop, Food Drives, Toy Drives, First Responders Easter Eggstavaganza's, the Halloween Haunt and fund raising events for the Chatham-Kent Woman's Centre.

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Rob Wilson

Rob was a K9 officer for many years until his K9 police service dog partner - Vegas - retired. I have known Rob for many years. At anytime while on duty or not, if I or anyone had a issue, Rob would stop and help you with your problem. I have nothing but great appreciation for the work Rob and other officers do - we need to recognize these officers more often.

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David Stewart (4)

I will keep it short as I am not great at writing stuff up like this. Constable Dave Stewart has had a huge impact on my life. I am 47 yrs old now, but this goes way back when I was 18 yrs old. I was going down the wrong road with the wrong people. Both Dave Stewart and Paul Wilson saw something in me. For the first 3 years, they would take the time to check up on me - always with a warm heart and kind word. I kept myself out of trouble but that never stopped them.

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Rebecca Tarabay

My sister Becky goes above and beyond. She has worked as a Liaison Officer in the local high schools, and has been the first officer to arrive on scene for calls us civilians would run away from. She takes it all in stride. She is now entering into another new phase in her career, transitioning to Ident. I could not be more proud of all her accomplishments. Plus, she is a wonderful mother to her girls and setting an exemplary example for them on what you can achieve with dedication and hard work.

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Evan Harrison (7)

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Constable Evan Harrison over the last year with his tremendous commitment coaching my daughter on a London Devilettes hockey team. Evan has and continues to dedicate many hours a week to developing the girls on and off the ice, guiding them to becoming better people in the community. He has personally helped my daughter to become confident, self-assured and a leader among her peers. He has assisted in making the adjustment to high school a much easier one. 

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Tyson Brummund

Officer Brummund is an exceptional on- as well as off-duty police officer. He understands well the needs of community he is serving, perforsm his duties consciously, and is always ready to assist when needed. We need more such officers.

Philip Yake

I would like to nominate Constable Philip Yake of 22 Division, Peel Regional Police. He has been in service for 12 years and made astounding differences in the lives of those he's saved, and the lives of the families of the ones he could not. He pours his heart and soul into his work and it shows with every call he attends, every colleague he trains, and every life he touches. With greatness comes sacrifice, and Phil has sacrificed his own mental well-being while doing his absolute best on the job. He continues to suffer from PTSD but rather than let it beat him, he is using his struggle to educate others on PTSD and is even hosting a fundraising gala for PTSD awareness. 

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Paulo Crescenzio

Constable Paul Crescenzio, a veteran Police Officer with the Ottawa Police Service is an On-Duty Difference Maker. Several times as a civilian accompanying him, I witnessed him attend calls for service where he provided a community-based approach to policing. He offered kindness, compassion and empathy to citizens all while upholding the law. If all police officers were like Constable Cescenzio, policing would have a bright future.