Michelle Barclay (1)

I am thrilled to recognize Michelle Barclay in this manner. Ever since Michelle was a young girl, she had common sense, compassion and the need to help others beyond her years. She continues on that path to this day. Police Victim Services is not a job to Michelle, but a way of life. Michelle has the ability and passion to anticipate and meet the needs of others even before they do themselves. She is ready to use every resource available to her to reach out and share with others in her community and beyond. 

There are so many situations to mention but I vividly remember Michelle helping a woman who had fallen down in the middle of Yonge St in Toronto as cars whizzed by and pedestrians ignored her. I also remember how Michelle navigated a safe path for me into my home on a very stormy, icy day. I live alone and was discharged from hospital after hip surgery on that nasty day. Presently, Michelle is assisting a young widow who needs so much support, advice, direction and assistance with her grieving family. What a gift to have Michelle as an advocate.

Michelle navigates through uncharted waters with common sense, knowledge, confidence and wisdom... turning uncharted waters into smooth sailing. Michelle is always ready with an open heart, open arms and a bright attitude to help others in any circumstance. She is a true hero.