2020 Nominees

Wes Brown (4)

I would like to nominate Officer Wes Brown. Not only is he an upstanding officer, community leader and hockey coach, he is an amazing person who is always looking out for the community's best interests. He is a role model to our young boys teaching them respect, dedication, teamwork, building trusting relationships, hard work, motivation, and self-esteem.

Sean Winzar

Constable Sean Winzar, Badge 1697 of the York Regional Police, saved my life almost 10 years ago. I wanted to end my life and he came to my rescue. After I cursed him out, yelled at him and walked away, he stayed by my side until I was ready to talk. Because off him, I went on to do my Masters in social work, so that I can pay it forward. Without his help, I wouldn’t be where I am right now.

Peter Thom (1)

I have been retired for four years after 32 years with the Hamilton Police Service. Peter has been in Major Crimes for a number of years. His dedication, hard work and compassion are second to none. He is beyond capable and he is an excellent investigator. I worked as a Special Constable in Court Security for 25 of my 32 years and I was able to witness first hand how Detective Sergeant Thom dealt with all aspects of his position. He treated everyone with dignity and respect. He was always kind and pleasant even under what I am sure was unbelievable pressure. 

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Wayne Moore

Cst. Wayne Moore has been chairing Race Against Racism for the last 3 years. The Race Against Racism is a Peel Regional Police annual event - it has been running for the last 20 years. As a result of Cst. Moore's community outreach, initiative, dedication and community support, the event has continued to be an increasing success. In 2019, a total of eight $2000.00 post secondary scholarships were provided. Cst. Moore is a loyal and dedicated officer of the Peel Regional Police.

Kyle Adey

Officer Adey with Peterborough Police has always been polite, caring and treats you with respect...especially given how people treat the police in this town. I've seen him quite a few doing an amazing job - I have been pulled over by him a few times for routine stops and it's always a good experience.

Brandon Eaket (2)

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Brandon since 2018. Currently, he is in the position of a School Resource Officer and makes a difference daily in the community. I have observed him as an active role model by participating in various classes during the school day - whether answering questions or presenting, asking the children about their day when they walk by in the hallways, and providing them career, school and life advice.

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Sam McCullum

Numerous times, I have witnessed the professionalism in Sam McCullum's policing. He helps the homeless, he helps the innocent and he helps his community, day by day! Thank you, Constable S. McCullum.

Keith Calderwood

Keith is a community role model and an excellent police officer! He makes light of every hard situation!

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Cheryl Eastman

On December 25, 2019, my father was a victim of a manslaughter. Two days later, I received a phone call from Cheryl with Victim Services asking if I could come into the station to meet with her. Cheryl was immediately so kind, explaining to me even where to park, how to check in and before even getting into any details, her first question was “how are you doing?” It was a difficult situation to explain the proceedings and to give full details on what exactly happened the night my father passed. She showed respect and kindness the entire time. 

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Evan Harrison (10)

I’m nominating constable Harrison for this award for many reasons. His display of commitment, compassion and kindness only scratch the surface. Through his role as School Safety Officer, Officer Harrison has developed such strong connections with my students, making each one feel special and valued in their own unique way. His dedication and determination to always make the world around him a better place is so inspiring for the younger generation to watch and learn from.

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