2020 Nominees

David Stewart (2)

I've known Dave for over 16 years. He is not only a dedicated member of the Ottawa Police Service, but more so, he is a dedicated to his service outside the uniform as well. He not only serves people in a policing role, but he also goes the extra mile and genuinely cares for any and everybody. He sees beyond the colour of skin, how much money you make, or whether you're a criminal or his own family. 

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Wes Brown

Wes wears many hats at South Simcoe Police Service (SSPS) - Marine Patrol, Head of their Training Unit, and the Emergency Response Unit (ERU). Wes has to be ready to go 24/7. In addition to his job, he also volunteers his time to teach at the Citizens Police Academy (CPA) each year. His knowledge of policing tactics and high level of professionalism are truly second to none in my opinion. 

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Evan Harrison (3)

Constable Evan Harrison is a Community Services officer working for London Police Services. He has impacted numerous lives in the schools. He runs programs  to educate children on social media, bullying, etc. He runs several sport tournaments over the summer. Last year, he developed a special program with London Police and the Children’s Hospital where he and his team make regular visits with children staying there. 

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Elisabeth Aschwanden

Elisabeth always wears a smile and is always busy helping people. I'm sure she took this job to give back to the community and make a difference, but she is literally a shining example of going above and beyond with every shift she takes on! IMO #PositiveCommunityEngagementWithOurYoung is so important! Imagine having a chance to give a child some direction and help steer them in the right direction! She helps seniors in our communities and even helps with some breakfast events!

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Sandy Staniforth

Since 2017, and the initiation of our wellness unit, Staff Sergeant Sandy Staniforth has been at the helm. In fact, until this year, she has been by herself. Sandy has saved my life and that of my families. She has made herself available to myself and every member of our service 24/7. Through education, and being empathetic to everyone’s needs, she puts service to others before herself and her family. I have never met a more caring, loving and supportive person in my life. I have never felt so strongly about a more deserving person to receive an award for her devotion to helping others. She exemplifies the meaning of being a police officer in Canada.

Andrew Lindsay

I'd like to nominate PC Andrew Lindsay for this award in recognition of his efforts to educate the community on the dangers of impaired driving by alcohol and drug, and for his work at getting the individuals who engage in these behaviours off the road. PC Lindsay has been recognized numerous times for his work by community groups like MADD Halton, and is a subject matter expert in drug and alcohol impaired driving. He is always willing to assist with training and professional development opportunities, and does so with professionalism, patience and understanding.

Scott Tinsley (1)

I read in the online news today that Officer Tinsley was nominated for a Hero Award for the high speed chase that went through our city a few months ago. I really want to support that nomination. On that day, I was driving down Highway 2 towards Trenton when these vehicles came flying past me. It was like a terrifying movie scene. I couldn't believe how well the officer handled the traffic, the craziness and managed to stop the car up against the fence at the military base. 

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Bianca Sims

Constable Bianca Sims has definitely made a wonderful impact in our community. Const. Bianca Sims from the community services branch organized the local Police Week event — which continues at the mall Friday and Saturday — the past two years. She educates the public, schools, and newcomers about community issues: https://windsorstar.com/news/local-news/windsor-cops-converge-on-devonshire-mall-for-police-week

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David Stewart (1)

Constable Dave is a true asset to the Ottawa Police Team. He is fair, kind and most compassionate. He goes above and beyond to help those in need and diffuse highly sensitive situations. We are grateful for his community leadership and forward thinking. He is one of those we can consistently count on!

Heidi O'Neill

We would like to nominate Officer Heidi O’Neil for this award! We have known Heidi for 4 years now when we were just starting in high school. My sister and I were going through a very tough time in our lives where we had felt we had no one. We didn’t feel safe at school, home or in the community. Because of this, our school had introduced us to Heidi. From the moment we met Heidi we knew she would be a lifelong friend. Not only was she a positive light that we needed, but she also provided my sister and myself with a sense of security and knowing we had someone who actually supported us and cared about us. 

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