Mike Stratford (1)

Mike Stratford contributes many, many hours each week to the Air Cadet Program. He is in the Squadron every possible Monday evening assisting with the youth and their drills, he assists with the guard flight and he has taught classes. Mike has become the officer the cadets are comfortable approaching to discuss any matters of concern. He is a great mentor for level 4 and 5 cadets as well as an instrumental coach for the Effective Speaking team, and helped organize the Regional Effective Speaking Competition. 

Mike loves working with the Cadets on Field Exercises and always has a positive attitude with Cadets, fellow officers and staff. He has organized quite a lot of leadership opportunities for the senior cadets to strive to achieve. He guides them but ultimately lets them do it on their own. Often they are successful, but when they face challenges, he does not tell them what to do but instead coaches the cadets to see the solution on their own. This is the best thing for today's youth, letting them face challenges in a safe environment, and Mike has mastered that. His sense of humour often reduces stress. He is a person who is always counted on. I am very lucky to have the pleasure to work with him.