Cealia Gagnon - Nomination 5

When you consider qualities that a community leader should embody, Constable Cealia Gagnon has all of them. She consistently goes above and beyond what is required as an officer, and with the biggest smile on her face. Constable Gagnon takes great pride in her community, and it shows. Through countless hours of volunteering, with multiple organizations and initiatives in Windsor, Constable Gagnon is always willing to assist others.

There is the greatest sense of genuineness from Constable Gagnon, she treats all of those that she interacts with, with the most utmost respect. She is a positive role model for young females, and provides a benchmark to strive towards. Windsor Police Service and the community is very fortunate to have an officer like Constable Cealia Gagnon to protect and serve. Lorraine Oloya, Windsor

Cst. Steven Potter - Nomination

On February 11th, 2015 Sault Ste. Marie Police Constable Steven Potter came to the aid of a man who had collapsed and had no pulse while attending a Soo Greyhounds hockey game. 

Cst. Potter assisted with CPR by doing chest compressions while an off duty nurse and medical personnel from the Canadian Snow Patrol were also attending to the unconscious man. 

An AED (Automated External Defibrillators) was successfully used and the man regained a pulse. The man was transported to the hospital by ambulance and has since made a full recovery.

The good example of the community and police working together to save a man's life. James Kucher, Sault Ste. Marie

Cst. Katrina Healey

I nominate Katie, because her fast response she saved the life of a member of her community. In May of 2015 while on duty, she attended a call where there was a victim of an attempted suicide by hanging. Immediately upon arrival, she commenced CPR and got the victim breathing again prior to the Paramedics arrival. One of the very basic calls in Policing is the "Preservation of Life" and Katie embodied that...!!!! Doug King - Sault Ste Marie

Sharon Williamson - Nomination 8

Sharon has gone above and beyond for many who come across her path. She is always trying to help and has even helped me with my very first humanitarian award. She deserves any and everything good that comes her way. Matte Black - Hamilton

Detective Kip Wohlert - Nomination

Nominating Detective Kip Wohlert is my utmost honor. He is an extremely dedicated officer in the Child Exploitation division who gives so much of his time to saving and helping out our most vulnerable sector. His long hours, commitment and dedication is exceptional. He takes his job very seriously and I am extremely grateful for the many lives he has made a difference to. Thank you for keeping our children and communities safe. It is a daunting task, one which you undertake with such commitment no matter what the cost to you. I can't thank you enough for keeping our streets, homes and children safe from harm. Detective Kip Wohlert, you are a hero! Thank you. Wendy Butler - Orillia

Cst. Deanna Lamont - Nomination

Const. Deanna Lamont is a very community minded person who is genuinely interested in the well being of individuals who are more, or less, strangers. When I moved to Windsor in 2014, into a new house and a new, to me, neighbourhood, Deanna came to my house and went through it with me pointing out how I could make my house safe and she emphasized that a security system was a good idea. I did what I've wanted to do for 50 years, (I am 71), I rescued a German Shepherd adult female from the Windsor-Essex County Humane Society as my security system. Deanna was very concerned that I had chosen this high-energy, dominant type dog, and once again, she visited me to ensure that all was good. I am so impressed that the Windsor Police Department have on their staff this woman who exhibits a very professional demeanor as a police officer and tempers it with concern for an "elderly" (which I guess I am) woman. Kay Hayes - Windsor

Cst. Jasdeep Bajwa - Nomination

I am Jagdeep Perhar and I work as a real estate broker in Ottawa. As a service to community, I am currently volunteering in various organizations.I have known Jasdeep Bajwa for about 15 years. His commitment to the community is beyond exception. In this young age, he has become a role model for community youth and can be considered the FACE of community. He is very much approachable and many people like me have called him even at odd hours to ask his expert opinion and guidance.

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Cst. Akhil Mooken - Nomination

I would like to nominate Constable Akhil Mooken, for this years Hero of the Year Award. I have known Constable Mooken for almost one year, as he is the Neighbourhood Policing Officer for the elementary school I teach at. Throughout my teaching career, I have never met an officer who shows so much dedication to the students, school community and the youth of Peel Region. Constable Mooken relates very well to the youth of today. He is respectful and in turn is treated with the upmost respect by all.

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Cst. Troy Miller - Nomination

I nominate Constable Troy Miller. Troy represents all Ontario Police Services to the highest of Moral standards. His intrinsic value is shown in a professional manner, at all times. He is a father of three, a coach in Sault Youth Hockey as well as Sault Youth Soccer. Troy is also a referee in the OHL. He is an Inspiration to children and adults alike, and is a true Hero an asset to the Sault District Community. Collin Strickland - Sault Ste Marie

Cst. Frank Francella

On May 8, 2010, I was sexually assaulted in my home. I reported the crime to the Cobourg Police Services. This was the first time I met Detective Frank Francella. He was very kind with me during the interview and halfway through questioning me, he stopped, put his pen down and rolled his chair over to where I was sitting and very quietly told me that not only did he believe me but that I was doing the right thing by reporting it and that we would be done soon and that I could get through the rest of the interview. I will never forget how those words impacted me that day and still do to this day. 

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