Evan Harrison (14)

Where to even begin when speaking about Cst. Harrison. Evan reached out to our organization to bridge a relationship with Childcan and the London Police Services. In a very short time, Evan’s passion and commitment to community engagement was clear. Not only does he lead his team through LPS driven community programs (Coffee with a Cop, visits to the Children’s Hospital and various school engagements), but there is also a layer of personal commitment, outside the uniform, that makes him an incredible community leader. 

He enthusiastically takes part in many charity events in his personal time, he pursues relationships that enhance the LPS profile throughout the city on a consistent basis and is the most genuine kind-hearted human being. His commitment to being a present, visible and an all-inclusive role model is admirable. He is building relationships with children that will resonate with them throughout the rest of their lives and in turn create better people in the future. Evan exemplifies what it means to be a Police Hero and deserves to be given such an honourable decoration… and a cape. Although, he will remind you that not all heroes wear capes.