2020 Nominees

Lenworth Vaz

On January 12, 2006, Constable Vaz was working. I asked him to let me know when he could take his lunch so that we could meet some window installers at our home. I left work at the General Hospital to meet him at the house and shortly after we started walking around with the contractor, we heard a loud crash and the sound of a car revving up. Constable Vaz ran to see what was happening. He found a man slumped over the steering wheel and was unresponsive. Coincidentally, he had just obtained a new defibrillator that was in his trunk. He took it out, set it up and used it on the man in the car while calling for ambulance.

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Evan Harrison

Officer Harrison has been a huge part of our school community. He takes the time to connect with students and always makes time for them. Officer Harrison understands the importance of connecting with kids and how this can change behaviour in the community. He is invested in the students. Officer Harrison works collaboratively with schools to set up our youth for success and to be responsible citizens. 

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Rachel Terpstra

Officer Terpstra was the officer that I reported my 4-year long domestic abuse case to. I was incredibly scared to report it, but she talked me through everything, explained everything as it would happen, and came to court with me. In this time period, my brother was also killed in a car accident... she had everything postponed and called to make sure me and my family were doing ok. She definitely helped me through one of the hardest times in my life and she absolutely deserves recognition. Thank you so much, Rachel!

Darren Joyce

I would like to nominate Constable Darren Joyce for his long term excellence as Police Constable and his devotion not only to his job and protecting the community in which he serves, but to his devotion as a father of his two university aged sons. Darren has also spent much time helping his own kids and kids in the community in coaching positions in various organizations. Please help nominate this great officer and individual.

Mark Chapelle

I have been unfortunate in that I have had to have contact with police on more occasions than I can recall, but what I do recall about the majority of those interactions was how sad and alone I felt after each one. I had lost all hope and remember saying numerous times that I didn’t want to call them... even after being urged to by other community members because I always felt victim shamed and was left in tears after my encounters.

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Troy Cox

Troy gives 100 percent in everything he pursues. From being an awesome father, family man, volunteer, athlete, to fulfilling his career choice - becoming an outstanding police officer. Working in downtown Windsor comes with risks, especially being a border city with Detroit. The drug and weapon scene, contraband, rampant robberies, the homeless epidemic, the increased mental health issues... he strives to protect, serve and secure the community on a daily basis. 

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Erin McAdam

I have seen Officer McAdam go above and beyond her duties on numerous occasions. The compassion and empathy she shows people having mental health issues is unlike any other officer I have ever met. While dealing with youth she is patient, understanding and listens without judgement. She can also be authoritative and take control of a chaotic scene. Our community is a better place with her protecting it. She is absolutely amazing at her job and I can’t imagine anyone more deserving of this award.

Matthew Cook

I met Constable Matthew Cook at a very difficult time. He recognized that I was having a panic attack and took the time to help me refocus and get through it. I had never had one before. The kindness shown to me by Constable Cook has stayed with me, even though it was now some time ago.

Christopher Collins

I met Officer Collins 13 years ago on what I knew was one of the worst days of my life. See I was a sexual assault victim, now I'm a Survivor. I was afraid for a long time after. I was afraid to do the simple things such as check my mail, answer my phone, go for a walk. I was a prisoner in my own home. One day I got the courage to go and give him a thank you card at the police station with my email on it, and he wrote me back. 

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David Stewart

Dave makes a tremendous difference in our community with his calming nature and his empathetic ear. He renews the lost faith some have towards the force. He's fair and compassionate but above all, he has respect for those who are struggling. He is always willing to help and encourage people to do better.