Brent MacIntyre

Brent was so very professional, knowledgeable and a calm voice of reason at the most difficult time in my families lives. Our nineteen year old son was missing. He was attending university in Ottawa - we live in a small town four hours away. Throughout the two months that our son was missing and even after his body was found, Brent allowed us to have his cell number and was always open to calls, questions and reassurance. 

He was able to access a four wheeler and boats to search the areas of high interest. He worked alongside the other officers on the case and added another professional set of skills to help with the search. I have found that looking back on this most difficult tragedy, the silver lining is the way that Brent treated us and the approach he took to help us locate our son. He went above and beyond his job description to help us in our darkest hour. He deserves recognition for having an amazing dedication to helping others at the most difficult time.


Image credit: Ottawa Citizen.