Christine and Stephen Douglas - Barrie Police Service

Constable Stephen Douglas and Special Constable Christine Douglas of the Barrie Police Service, along with their daughter Autumn, exemplify extraordinary courage and selflessness in their recent actions.

Constable Stephen Douglas, with over two decades of experience in law enforcement, displayed quick thinking and bravery when confronted with a dangerous situation. On August 16, 2023, while at home, he responded promptly to the screams of his neighbour, discovering a violent altercation involving a knife-wielding assailant. Without hesitation, he intervened to protect the victim and initiated emergency response procedures.

Special Constable Christine Douglas, newly recruited to the Barrie Police Service, demonstrated remarkable composure and initiative during the crisis. Arriving at the scene with her daughter Autumn, she swiftly assessed the situation and provided vital aid to the injured victim. Her leadership in coordinating first aid efforts under pressure was instrumental in stabilizing the victim's condition.

Autumn Douglas, despite her young age, displayed remarkable maturity and resourcefulness in assisting her parents during the emergency. Her quick actions in retrieving essential items for first aid contributed to the effective treatment of the victim.

Together, the Douglas family's coordinated efforts resulted in the successful containment of the assailant with the help of the Ontario Provincial, prompt medical attention for the victim, and, ultimately, her survival. Their heroic actions reflect the highest ideals of law enforcement and exemplify the courage and compassion of the Barrie Police Service.

For their extraordinary bravery and decisive actions in saving the life of a fellow citizen, they are deserving of their nomination. Their selfless dedication to public safety and unwavering commitment to duty serve as an inspiration to us all.