2020 Nominees

Louis Carvalho (2)

Sgt. Carvalho is an outstanding police officer. He strives to improve the officers he works with by leading through example. He seeks and accepts responsibility by responding to and assisting with service calls that his platoon is involved with. Outside of duty, he is a family man and good friend to those who he associates with. As an Officer of the Canadian Armed Forces, I can honestly attest to the dedication and work ethic demonstrated by Sgt. Carvalho as one that exceeds the standard.

Douglas Cowper

Sgt. Cowper has served for over 33 years and is still making a difference at work. He recently taught a course for newly promoted sergeants in detention unit procedures and is mentoring new sergeants up until his retirement. While on-duty, he recognized the need to send a prisoner to hospital, which turned out to be a life saving call. The prisoner returned a few days later saying that Sgt. Cowper had saved his life as he had a blood clot that, left untreated, would have likely killed him.

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Sherri Maguire

I would like to nominate Cst. Sherri Maguire with the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service - she is dedicated to her job, she plays hockey, and she is a pleasure to talk to.

Lindsey Eaton

l would like to nominate Constable Lindsey Eaton with Sault Ste. Marie Police. She is a very dedicated officer who loves her job and does it very well. She is always a pleasure to talk to. 

Marc Taraso (2)

I think Cst. Taraso is the best thing to happen to the Halton Regional Police Service (HRPS). His Twitter is a good thing and much needed. He engages. He teaches. He informs. BUT, the best thing is that I learn. To include the public on what’s going on is a big plus. A hero CAN be someone that quietly educates while being down-to-earth, funny and informative. So yes, I nominate Cst. Marc Taraso. Most deserving!!

Brittany Campbell

After my adult granddaughter had been struggling for a long time with break ins and abuse from an individual, Cst. Campbell sat most of night to go over everything that she had been through in order to put action in place and was able to charge the individual. Prior to her help, we had lost faith in the police. But it was Campbell that explained that just because charges were not laid before, didn’t mean that the police didn’t believe us, rather that it’s difficult to try in court. 

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Louis Carvalho (1)

I have known Officer Louis Carvalho for many years. He has shown passion and duty in his work. I have seen him go above and beyond for his community as well as his colleagues... he is as genuine in his personal life as in his Officer life. Officer Carvalho deserves the recognition for his actions and commitment. He is truly an unsung hero.

Karen Markus-Cashubec

Officer Karen has been an angel to my daughter, Kaitlyn, who has Williams Syndrome. Special Constable Karen has made such a difference in my daughter's life, being there for Kaitlyn unconditionally both while on duty and off duty. My daughter calls her just to talk or to share exciting news. Special Constable Karen has gone out of her way for over the past 8 years to be there for my daughter, including going to Kaitlyn’s grade 8 graduation, taking Kaitlyn to see her horse, inviting Kaitlyn into her home, coming to our home and more. 

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Brandon Eaket

The reason why I am nominating Constable Brandon Eaket from Peel Regional Police is because he has shown continuous passion within his community and has such an open heart to help and look out for others. Brandon is very easy to talk to. I met Brandon during the summer of 2018 at a motor vehicle collision, where a van and tractor trailer collided at Bovaird and Brisdale Drive. Brandon was the first to respond along with another officer. I stayed on scene to help assist with patient care.

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Evan Harrison (8)

I want to nominate Evan Harrison because he is my hockey coach this year. He gives up his time to come hang out with us, he’s an amazing coach and he always make everyone laugh. He is someone I look up to because he helps me learn new things in hockey and he helps me push harder to achieve my goals. Another reason why I want to nominate him is because he makes a difference in our London community by keeping it safe.