2019 Nominees

Krista-Lee Stapleford

Officer Stapleford has been a compassionate and caring officer since she started with the Hamilton Police service. For the past 7 years, she takes her own time and initiative to construct and handout care packages of personal items such as toothbrushes, soaps, hats and gloves etc for the homeless. 

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Mark Dixon

Mark is a perfect officer in my eyes. I have been privileged to have known him from a very little lad. He has always been the same caring, kind, and such a loving person... so very considerate to other human beings. Although I live in another country, we are able to keep in touch...

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Al Green

At the time, he was a detective but my understanding is that he is now a staff sergeant. Al Green went above and beyond when my son was assaulted to not only catch the guilty party but helped us with our ordeal physically and emotionally. 

Neal Orlando (2)

Neal has been a Police Officer for more than 25 years. He has worked his way through the position of detective and been involved in many community projects many of which he has initiated. He doesn’t just wear the uniform... he lives and breathes his chosen occupation and is a great example for his colleagues to follow. 

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Kimberly Cadarette

I would like to nominate Officer Kimberly Cadarette, for her amazing contribution to the community. Not only is she an inspiration for others, but her overall personality is so positive when dealing with the public. She brings a smile on, and off duty from her job a s a Police Officer at Peel Region Police Department. Officer Cadarette is a dedicated individual who is constantly helping out in the community, as she put a lot of he spare time towards helping in community events. In the past several years she helped out with the Ride for Heart foundation,and with Big Brothers, Big Sisters. In Feb/2015 her heart went into helping the homeless, and she would use her own funds in making lunch bags for them. To now she inspired others to help ,and we are making up to 150 lunches monthly. This is because this officer has the ability to bring others to help in the community, and make a difference. I want to see that her efforts to make a change in our community is not gone unrecognized, as she what we as a community need to see in more officers. An officer who cares, and will make that extra effort to help out in the community. Thank you Officer Cadarette for being the caring officer that you are.

Alex McMillan

I nominate my husband Alex as I have witnessed, as have many other spouses, the toll some daily calls can take. Being a bit modest, he may not like my nomination but he has deserved it numerous times throughout his career. 

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Debora Wood

I have been working with Debora (Bussie) for at least 5 years in the community through the organization where I work. Her passion for her community and dedication to her work is truly inspiring. She does not just "do her job" - she lives and breathes her job and that is very apparent every time you see her smiling face. 

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Ryan Rodrigues (3)

I am the supervisor of the Hamilton Police Mounted Unit. I receive emails and letters of support about Ryan and Lincoln on a daily basis. I have been on patrol with Ryan and felt the support of this team in the community. I have done many hospital visits with Ryan and have seen first hand the impact on the staff and patients. 

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Ryan Howard

Ryan is passionate about his long standing policing career and such an example that both of his children plan to become officers themselves. He takes on over time hours when it is asked of him, putting the peace of Hamilton paramount to his personal life. 

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Jacqueline Ross

I would like to nominate Jaqueline Ross for this award. Throughout my entire high school experience, she has provided my sister and myself support in many different ways that have entirely helped us as growing adolescents. 

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