2018 Nominees

Michael Allison

I would like to nominate Mike Allison. I believe that he deserves to be recognized for the expertise and tireless dedication he has displayed throughout his career. He has served on Patrol, the Domestic Violence Unit, the Major Case Unit and now in the Child Advocacy Branch. 

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Keira Brooks (5)

Keira is a fantastic community officer who knows how to communicate with teens. She is dedicated and compassionate.

Amy Finn (5)

Amy Finn is an excellent example of a community hero. She is kind to everyone she meets no matter what the circumstances are. Thank you for keeping our community safe all these years.

Chad Brown

Chad Brown has been a Police Officer with the West Grey Police Service for 3 years and served as an Auxiliary member for the preceding 6 years. Since day one, Cst. Brown has been heavily involved in the community and is a great example as to what community policing should be. 

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Matt Dupuis (2)

I met Matt and his brother in college while he was studying to become a police officer. I have seen him deal with issues and people with more patience than a rock. He takes the time to listen to people's concerns. Between that and his dedication to family, he truly is an inspiration and pillar to the community.

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Tina Pippy (4)

Tina saved my nieces life last year and is our family hero! I watched the news from BC and was so honored to see a good news police story and with my little niece!! Keep up the great acts of humanity. 

Photo credit: CTV News Ottawa

Elizabeth Skelding (4)

I read the story and saw the news report on TV of Elizabeth's bravery. She saved a woman who was being attacked with a knife and who could have been murdered and that in my opinion is bravery personified. She herself was stabbed in the leg trying to disarm the attacker. He is in jail now and a woman's life was saved. She seems to be a wonderful asset to our police force. I do hope she gets the recognition she deserves.  

Keira Brooks (4)

Keira Brooks is an amazing community officer at St. Peter's C.S.S. in Barrie. She serves as a consistent role model and mentor for our students. I often see her in the halls and the cafeteria; she is always talking with our students, getting to know them, listening to their concerns, and celebrating their successes. 

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Emily Coccimiglio (4)

Policing not only requires physical fitness, intelligence and patience but good ethical character and excellent interpersonal, problem-solving and conflict-resolution skills. This can be attributed to a proactive style of policing now known as community policing. Constable Coccimiglio has all these skills and more. 

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Brian Mitchell (5)

I would like to nominate Constable Brian Mitchell of the York Regional Police. Brian is the type of officer that all should strive to be - hard working, dedicated and always putting others first...Brian sets a good example for all.

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