2018 Nominees

Hamilton Police Service Officers

On April 16, 2016, at 6:32 PM, the Hamilton Police Service received an unknown 911 call for a report of shots fired coming from a residence in Stoney Creek. While en route to the scene, officers were given an update that a male was inside the residence shooting multiple victims.

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Dave Stewart (2)

Dave Stewart should be the role model for all police officers. He is genuinely kind and compassionate, and truly cares about people. In a most recent difficult situation that involved my adult daughter, he conveyed calmness, understanding and respect. He certainly exceeded his "regular police duties" and I can't thank him enough.

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Keira Brooks (20)

I have watched this amazing woman throughout her career from the first day on the job till today. She has given this job her heart and soul. She cares personally for each and every person she comes into contact with everyday. Keira is a huge role model for not only young people but everyone who knows her. 

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Mark Hall

Mark Hall is always there when you need him, is understanding and respectful, replies to messages in a short amount of time, and always tries to get you answers in a timely manner. He's a great guy - I wish there were more police like Mark Hall.

Scott Kendall

Scottie is a not only a colleague but a friend. A Police Officer for 15 plus years. During summer of 2016 we were faced with an incident where a young man had just assaulted his parents and wanted to kill Police attending. The male rushed the driveway with bat in hand screaming "who am I killing first". Guns were drawn by attending officers including Scott and myself.

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Kristina Garswood (2)

Kristina Garswood is a Windsor Police officer. While she does a very important job there, it is what she does outside of the police that I nominate her for. She is the Executive Director of the Riverfront Theatre Company. This non profit organization is dedicated to providing children under 18 years theatrical training and performance experience.

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Anne McBride

Anne is a dispatcher at the Kincardine Detachment in South Bruce. She is always calm and steady, and having been born and raised right here, is quickly and easily able to sort out any confusion over addresses or locales. She is a wonderful public face to our detachment and is always conscious of that fact.

Lucas Lubin

Constable Lucas Lubin went above the call of duty to help me in my hour of need. I nominate him for Police Hero of the Year.

Dave Stewart

Hello! My daughter and I would like to nominate Dave because he went way above and beyond his call of duty when responding to an unfortunate call concerning my daughter. He has left an imprint on our hearts that will last a lifetime. He is a kind soul who should be recognized for his dedication to the police force.

Amy Finn (18)

Amy Finn is an amazing person. She is always willing to lend a helping hand to those who are in need of one. She is an angel in disguise and Chatham Kent should be honoured to have had her on the force. She is a fantastic mother of four very well-mannered young men who have nothing but respect for others.

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