2020 Nominees

Wes Brown (3)

As if he doesn't already do enough for the community, he is also volunteering his time to coach my son's hockey team. Wes has a way with words and is so great with the kids. He deserves recognition for all he does, both on the job and off. He truly is a wonderful person.

Michelle Mackay

I nominate Strathroy-Caradoc's Michelle Mackay because she works hard at her job. She is a caring and compassionate person. She is always learning new ways to improve herself in her job as a dispatcher. She has trained others in this field of work. Michelle has has great multitasking skills and her typing speed is incredible!

Scott Chapman

On February 8, 2019 my father Alain Boisvert was returning from a friend’s. He was driving westbound on Cty Rd 22 in Emeryville when unbeknownst to him, he went unconscious due to a cardiac arrest. He started veering off the road, hit a green box, then hit another truck that he pushed into a building. The two men at the Oil Lube removed my unconscious father from the vehicle and placed him on the ground. A local female resident immediately started performing CPR. Det. Scott Chapman, who was going about his day, witnessed the chain of events and attended the scene. He took over the chest compressions. The actions from everyone involved kept the blood pumping.   

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Louis Carvalho (3)

Louis Carvalho’s best personality traits are his hard work and determination. He works hard for long hours to look after the community, often meaning he misses time at home with his four girls, dogs and wife. He often goes out of his way to help fellow officers, new or old. He is highly looked up to by family, friends & his family in blue.

Brandon Eaket (1)

Brandon is an amazing officer with great people skills. Loves his job and community, great guy to be around, funny, great smile and always caring. As an SRO, he helped with various events around FMSS and was truly amazing - no one more deserving of this than him!

Peter Thom

I nominate Peter Thom with the Hamilton Police Service for Police Hero of the Year. Peter goes beyond his duty to serve and protect our community. He is a hero to all of our family because of his dogged-like dedication to getting all the answers. Always takes a call and always is calm and helpful. A truly dedicated officer.

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Rob Wilson (1)

I nominate Rob Wilson of Windsor. Anybody who has the qualities needed for training a canine and working with one has to be a compassionate person. Looking after his dog and working with him takes a special kind of person and that is why I am nominating Sgt. Rob Wilson. Image credit: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/windsor/windsor-police-retires-k9-officer-vegas-1.5411073

Evan Harrison (9)

I would like to nominate Evan Harrison for the On-Duty Difference Maker Award. When Evan comes to our school, he brings the biggest smile into our hallway and gives our students all the high fives they need! He greets each student and you can tell that his attention to them has impacted their day in a positive way. He openly seeks ways to connect with our school and support our staff and students. He asks questions on how he can make our school a safer, more inclusive place with providing great programs and discussions for our students. We feel so lucky to have an incredible officer be present and available to make the difference in each and every one of our students' lives. Thank you, Evan!

Wes Brown (2)

I nominate Wes Brown with South Simcoe Police. He is a role model to his colleagues and he's a role model to the kids in our community. He volunteers his off time as a coach in the Minor Hockey league. He is easily one of the nicest and most positive outgoing people you will ever meet.

Matthew Adam

Officer Matthew Adam responded to a well-being call for my biological mother. We had not heard or seen from her in months and we were concerned about her well-being due to her bad habits in the past. Officer Matthew checked up on her in the greatest of manners, and he quickly updated myself and my family to let us know that she was alive, well and appeared to be doing okay for herself. 

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