2020 Nominees

Maria Keen

Sgt. Maria Keen is with the Ottawa Police Outreach and Recruiting team. Sgt. Keen has gone above and beyond her duties to promote diversity, mentor students/recruits and actively promote growth within the service. Sgt. Keen, along with her team, has organized events such as “A day in the life of a police officer,” which is a way to open doors for women into the policing world. Sgt. Keen has also inspired other police services to follow in her footsteps. She has shown that policing is not only a career for men but for anyone willing to put the work in. She is inclusive towards all and inspires many of us on a daily basis.

Frank Francella

I wish to nominate my husband Frank for the police hero award. For the past two years, this dedicated officer has battled PTSD from over 20 years of service. After admitting he needed the help of his service and those qualified to deal with the injury, he was able to return to work and dedicate his life again to the Cobourg Police Service - even taking on President of the police association in order to ensure he advocates for his brothers and sisters in uniform. 

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Jason Brazeau

Jason responded to my sixteen year old daughter when her (now ex) boyfriend beat her and then tried to roll the truck to cover up the injuries. She was frantic, running down the highway when the truck stalled and was assisted by a passerby. Jason’s kind, professional security and support during that time was something we will never forget, to say the least. It was so much appreciated under the circumstances - he is forever our hero.

Judith Drover-Janes

Cst. Judith Drover-Janes supported me in laying charges against another person. She helped me during some very difficult police procedures while I battled PTSD and serious depression due to a friend having committed suicide in front of me. She saved my life for sure. What an asset to the Ottawa Police Service, as are many others.

Scott Dugdale

Officer Dugdale was there for me through my entire domestic abuse case including court. Even when I got scared and took off, he took it upon himself to drive around looking for me, worried about whether I was okay. I have thanked this officer so many times, but wanted to nominate him for this award.
I truly wish there were more sworn officers like him on the force...thanks so much.

Evan Harrison (11)

I would like to nominate Constable Evan Harrison. He volunteered to be a non-parent coach to our girls hockey team this year. Through his involvement in the community, he encouraged our girls to get involved and help others in their own communities. He has demonstrated to this group of girls what it takes to be a leader. 

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Jeremy Dinning

Jeremy Dinning has volunteered his skills and time to Transway Girls Basketball team in Hamilton. He spends most of his off duty time teaching the girls how to improve their game, and drives them to their games which are out of town. This takes a great deal of time and dedication, and I think he should be recognized for this.

Jason Storey

Cst. Jason Storey was our key contact when my 13 year old daughter came forward about a sexual assault. It was a difficult case as her perpetrator was a family member. Jason was amazing - he supported us all every step of the way. He was always just a phone call away. His support helped my daughter and family get through such a difficult time. Even when we were in trial, his support was amazing.

David Hennessy

My son David always extends himself to the fullest. At the police academy, he put himself forward to achieve the highest marks in his class. He always thinks of others before himself. He is a very kind and generous person, and loves his job. He was initially hired as a Special Constable working in the Barrie jail. He then went on to the Police Academy to become a Police Officer. During the swearing in ceremony, he was chosen as the Class Victorian. I am very proud of my son; he puts himself in harms way to help others because that’s what he loves to do - help others.

Brandon Eaket (3)

Brandon brings a joyful smile in our hallway and gives our students all high fives. He greets each student and you can tell that his attention to them has impacted their day in a positive way. With him around we feel safe... he gives time away from his family with his new baby girl to make sure we are all doing well as people and a community. Plus he has great dance moves.