David Carmickle & Brett Severin

In the early morning hours of January 25, 2020, PC Carmickle and PC Severin responded to a single vehicle accident with serious injuries and an entrapment. To complicate matters, the vehicle involved had traveled up an embankment and went airborne across a river (100ft), landing on its roof on the other side - it was teetering precariously on the river’s edge. As they approached, it was clear that the passenger would be unable to get out of the vehicle themselves. Without hesitation, both constables acted immediately. 

PC Severin used his body weight to secure the vehicle while PC Carmickle crawled into the car to rescue the person inside. Had these officers not acted so quickly or courageously, the vehicle could have fallen into the water, almost certainly with fatal consequences. Further, both officers put themselves at considerable risk to save that life. They are both heroes.