2020 Nominees

Tyson Brummund

Officer Brummund is an exceptional on- as well as off-duty police officer. He understands well the needs of community he is serving, perforsm his duties consciously, and is always ready to assist when needed. We need more such officers.

Philip Yake

I would like to nominate Constable Philip Yake of 22 Division, Peel Regional Police. He has been in service for 12 years and made astounding differences in the lives of those he's saved, and the lives of the families of the ones he could not. He pours his heart and soul into his work and it shows with every call he attends, every colleague he trains, and every life he touches. With greatness comes sacrifice, and Phil has sacrificed his own mental well-being while doing his absolute best on the job. He continues to suffer from PTSD but rather than let it beat him, he is using his struggle to educate others on PTSD and is even hosting a fundraising gala for PTSD awareness. 

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Paulo Crescenzio

Constable Paul Crescenzio, a veteran Police Officer with the Ottawa Police Service is an On-Duty Difference Maker. Several times as a civilian accompanying him, I witnessed him attend calls for service where he provided a community-based approach to policing. He offered kindness, compassion and empathy to citizens all while upholding the law. If all police officers were like Constable Cescenzio, policing would have a bright future.

Jeff Loewen

My autistic adult son was attacking me repeatedly over several hours. I did everything I could to get him calm. Medication, calming techniques... nothing worked. I called into dispatch and my son is on the autism registry (thankfully we have that here). Officer Jeff explained my rights and what I can do to protect myself, plus gave me a few new ideas and tools. He took the time to talk to my son, and he did not judge.

Rebecca Elliott (2)

I am very proud of Rebecca Elliott, not just as a police officer, but also as a person. She works hard to make changes in her community of schools, and the reception she receives at the schools is amazing. From the staff to all the students, they all respect her and she continues to do amazing things. In the community, she coaches hockey and fast pitch, and can always be called upon to help out. I also witnessed the event in the summer where she assisted the young child with a broken arm. I must admit, I was taken aback with her actions. I realize police act a certain way while on-duty, but she jumped into action while off-duty and helped without thinking twice. She and her paramedic friend were both awesome. I could not thank her enough for what she did that day.

Michelle Barclay

The Halton Police Victim Services Unit is comprised of highly trained staff and volunteers who provide immediate telephone and on-scene intervention, emotional support, community referrals and limited financial assistance to victims of crime and tragedy throughout Halton Region. I am nominating Michelle Barclay for the Police Hero Award. Michelle volunteered for 15 years with Halton Regional Police Victim Services Unit from 2003-2018 and transitioned to a civilian employee as a Victim Support Coordinator in 2018.

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Blair Ramsay

I would like to nominate my husband, Detective Sergeant Blair Ramsay of the Greater Sudbury Police Service. Blair is part of an extremely dedicated team called the I.C.E. Unit (Internet Child Exploitation Unit). With over 23 years experience in policing, Blair has dedicated himself for the last 10 years to being a voice for and protecting the most vulnerable in society - our children. Blair and his team work hard everyday to “Save One Child At A Time.”

Charlene Robinson

I am nominating my daughter Charlene as hero of the year. She has been an officer for 22 years. I was a police officer for thirty years and have been retired for twelve years. I was very proud when she was hired in Hamilton, but questioned her choice of a large city - regardless, she has risen to the challenges. She has received a well earned promotion to sergeant, and she was a team leader for criminal investigations on her shift for two years. I'm certain that she has been involved with the worst of the worst. 

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Tara Vivian (1)

Tara lived across the road from me when she was young. She spent lots of time over at our house growing up and we found her to be a loving, caring, funny and very helpful young lady. I have been in touch with Tara as she grew up and have watched her turn into a very beautiful woman both inside and out. Her dedication to her job is unbelievable. She puts everything into it to do the best she can. My husband and I both believe that Tara is very deserving of this award.

Evan Harrison (6)

I would like to nominate Evan Harrison for this award. He was the one to develop the relationship between the London Police Service and Children's Health Foundation. This partnership has meant the world to children accessing care at Children's Hospital in London. Evan, along with our Dr. Beary Goode mascot frequently visits children in hospital. 

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