2020 Nominees

Jeff Lalonde

I would like to nominate Cst. Jeff Lalonde for Police Hero - Community Role Model. Not only does Jeff work as an officer for Cornwall Police Service for over 20 years, but he has shown time and time again that he is truly a part of our community. Jeff has volunteered for various agencies in Cornwall since his early teenage years. This is a tradition that he has carried on during his 20 years as an officer. Jeff not only volunteered but has also lead teams of volunteers for various community fundraisers.

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Tara Vivian

I’d like to nominate Sergeant Tara Vivian for the On-Duty Difference Maker award. Sgt. Vivian is an enthusiastic and caring leader. Whether she is engaging the public at community events, or backing her officers on patrol, she consistently shows respect and empathy to everyone she meets. Sgt. Vivian takes a proactive approach to policing, and has shown tremendous adaptability through various roles within HRPS to provide her with a wider perspective and capacity to engage members of the community in a positive way. She is the definition of a team player, and while her dedication and knowledge to all things policing makes her a role model to many, her kindness and warm spirit also makes her a valued friend.

Evan Harrison (5)

Constable Evan Harrison, you are an exceptional human leader towards us adults and all our kids. In between keeping the streets safe and volunteering at hospitals, coaching sports and schools you are also a great family man. You care about others like they are your family. My kids look up to you and are proud of what you so everyday. Thank you for the hard work everyday!

Darrell Blakely (1)

When reflecting on the notion of police hero, what comes to mind is more than just the officer who “saves the day” and “catches the bad guy.” To serve, protect and create a safer Cornwall is an obvious priority for Detective Constable Darrell Blakely. A victim-centred approach is at the core of his police work, and is evidenced by the high level of respect and professionalism he displays for children, youth, and families in our community, even during the most difficult of cases.

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Sandy Staniforth (2)

I am best friends with an officer on the Niagara Regional Police force. She went through a very challenging time for several years. Many times, she mentioned how integral Sandy was in her recovery and her eventual return to unrestricted full-time duty. Over the couple of years of this process, I remember multiple conversations including how much love and support my friend was receiving from Sandy.

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Aaron Mounfield

When my 14 year old granddaughter was taken to the emergency room for a drug overdose, I was out of my mind because it was a 20 year old who gave her the drugs. Constable Mounfield was amazing at calming me down and without his skills of deescalating my reaction, I possibly would have made some wrong decisions. He handled me with care but his authoritative firmness kept me level. He is amazing.

Sherri Baltzer

I would like to nominate my daughter, Sergeant Sherri Baltzer. She is a hard-working officer and worked very hard to get to the position of Sergeant. Sherri involves herself in all aspects of the police force. She is constantly helping others to live the best that they can. She and her husband run a golf tournament every year to raise money to help all EMS, police, firefighters, and ambulance families in need of medical help. The funds raised have helped many of these families. She is selfless in helping anyone to succeed. She is so worthy of recognition. 

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Marc Savignac

I would like to nominate my cousin, Constable Marc Savignac of the Greater Sudbury Police Service, for a hero award. He went above and beyond his call of duty to help me when I was in crisis with my mental illness. He never once left my side - always taking my hand and guiding me through the toughest times of my life. Don't get me wrong, his fellow GSPS officers were great with me too. I just don't know how to thank him for saving my life. 

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Sgt. Mike Adams

Mike Adams is an amazing officer who worked a lot with the youth in the community who were addicted to drugs. As overdoses continued to be a problem, Mike Adams was the officer these kids in trouble would look to for help. I have lived in Innisfil all my life and have never met any officer like Mike Adams. He always makes these young people feel like they are human and that they do matter. He is always encouraging them not to be afraid to talk about the situation they were in. As a parent, Mike Adams goes above and beyond.

Rebecca Elliott (1)

In the summer, I was at a local park when a young boy had fallen off some playground equipment and broke his arm quite badly. Becky was at the ball diamond getting ready for her game when she saw the commotion. She immediately stopped her warm up and ran over to help the young boy. She consoled him, and had him calmed down in seconds. With the help of another teammate they moved the boy out of the sun, and stabilized his arm. 

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