Cst. Bill Aragian - Nomination 2

While off duty at Cameron Speed in Hamilton with his family, Cst Aragian observed a young girl fall from a rock climbing wall and hit her head on the concrete. Without hesitation Cst Aragian climbed over the fence and ran to help her. She went into convulsions and was having difficulty breathing. 

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Andrew Harvie - Nomination

October 15 2015, a 71 year old woman mistakenly drive her car off the home street boat launch and in to the St. Lawrence River. The car began to fill up with water. Sergeant Harvie waded into the cold water to the submerged vehicle. He used his baton to shatter the back window and pulled the woman from the sinking car to the shore.

Always humble, Sergeant Harvie is an excellent leader to his shift and great co-worker. The former use of force instructor is a dedicated and hard working individual for which our service and community are proud to have. Dave Jeggo, Brockville

Mark Morelli - Nomination

For constantly going beyond and above his normal duties to find out the truth before the assumption is assumed.
His love for the community is daily reflected in his stellar police work. It is an honour to have him serve our community. - Adam Champ, Hamilton

Kari Drake - Nomination

Kari Drake is strong confidently officer who when needed offers moral support to others. She never runs from conflict rather she heads right to the center of it, to see how she can help. She is one of the finest officers I have had the pleasure to meet.
Always professional
Always companionate
Always supportive
Straight forward how it is.
Always working even when not! - Cathy Swayze, Brantford

Jason Henry - Nomination

Jason began volunteering as a Scouter with 1st Napanee Valley Scouting Group two years ago when hearing the youth were at risk of losing the opportunities they'd come to enjoy in their Cub Pack due to volunteer shortage. Jason, who already had an overflowing 'plate', threw himself into the role bringing a love of Scouting to the Pack by sharing among many other things his outdoor survival skills and introducing the pack to their new favourite adventure...Geocaching. Jason comes to the Pack with a strong sense of Community stewardship which he regularly role models for our Youth, enabling them to become contributing members of our community along the Canadian Path. Jason has made a lasting and positive impression on our children and deserves this award for all he gives as a Scouter, an active member of the police officer Union, a dedicated husband & father, and most especially for choosing this line of work. We are blessed to count him a Scouter. - Andrea Miller, Belleville

Officer Jasdeep Bajwa - Nomination

1. Mr. Bajwa was part of the organizing committee of a group called SEVA family walk and picnic at the Queensway Carleton Hospital. They raised more than $80,000 for the Acute Care for Elderly unit being built at Queensway Carleton Hospital. Over 700 people attended this event including mayor of Ottawa and Indian High Commissioner.

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Martin Wind - Nomination

This man is there to serve the community. He will help in any way he can and solve any situation. He is kind and will be there for everyone. He deserves this. - Holly Dawson, Durham Region 

K-9 Officer Jeff Dickson - Nomination

I truly believe that these days it is important to try to change the stigma of the police by officers spending time with young children. K9 Officer Jeff Dickson makes time to arrange and visit public schools within his district. I witnessed his interaction with the students when he introduced them to his partner Zeus. I watched children literally roll their eyes when the teacher announced two police officers were visiting the class. By the end of the visit, all the boys in the class and half the girls wanted to be a police officer when they grew up!

Officer Dickson is a single dad of two who loves his job as a parent and as a KPF officer. He is the perfect face of policing as he represents so well. I am truly impressed with this young man and feel that he (and Zeus) needs to be recognized! - Laurie Patterson, Kingston

(Photo Credit Steph Crosier, Postmedia Network)

Patrick Rawn - Nomination 5

I was the Manager for the Ministry of the Attorney General's Victim/Witness Assistance Program in Owen Sound and Walkerton. (Recently retired) I can attest to RAWN's devotion and compassion with all victims of crime that I dealt with coming through the court system. He was patient, understanding and had a calming ability while working with clients with me - regardless of whether they were women or children of domestic abuse or sexual assault, or any other client. He is a credit to OSPS and I wouldn't hesitate to nominate him! - Kathryn Companion, Owen Sound

Steve Bond - Nomination

While this happened a few years ago it still touches my heart to this day and therefore I feel it's even more worthy of a nomination as it's something that's stuck with me this long.

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