Cst. Akhil Mooken - Nomination

I would like to nominate Constable Akhil Mooken, for this years Hero of the Year Award. I have known Constable Mooken for almost one year, as he is the Neighbourhood Policing Officer for the elementary school I teach at. Throughout my teaching career, I have never met an officer who shows so much dedication to the students, school community and the youth of Peel Region. Constable Mooken relates very well to the youth of today. He is respectful and in turn is treated with the upmost respect by all.

Constable Mooken always goes above and beyond the call of duty. His job is not a 9-5, as he continuously and willingly helps and supports individuals throughout Peel Region. He is dedicated to his job and to the community in which he serves. Constable Mooken volunteers in many community programs and is always able to lend a hand to those in need. For many years now, he volunteers his time organizing and gathering sponsors, along with editing scripts for the very successful Brampton Santa Claus Parade. He helps facilitate a wonderful evening for the City of Brampton citizens. This takes many hours and constant communication with various groups of people; yet he confidently executes this task.

Furthermore, Constable Mooken supports the staff at the school immensely. He willing takes his own vacation days and comes on over-night school trips with our school to Ottawa, Muskoka and/or Quebec City. The students really enjoy when Constable Mooken chaperones these overnight trips. He is an excellent role model for these intermediate students and continues to establish an excellent rapport with them and their parents. Constable Mooken builds positive and long lasting relationships with the youth, and he makes sure they know he is approachable on the street, in a shopping mall or at the movie theatre.

Constable Mooken is part of our staff and the school community as a whole. He always makes an effort to attend staff and school council meetings, and/or grade eight graduation and Confirmation. These are things a Neighbourhood Policing Officer is not required to do; yet Constable Mooken makes it a priority to come.

Furthermore, in regards to extra curricular activities, Constable Mooken regularly stops by sporting events to cheer on the students. He offers words of advice, coaching tips and provides the young student athletes with that extra boost of confidence they need right before the game they are about to play.

Constable Mooken is a man of good character and integrity. He readily considers different viewpoints and alternative perspectives to problems or issues at hand. He as many gifts, talents, skills and is very knowledgeable. He is a truly unique individual and is a model for all that is good in the youth of today. I highly recommend Constable Akhil Mooken of Peel Regional for this years Police Hero of the Year award. Sabrina Iannicca, Peel Region