Cealia Gagnon - Nomination 5

When you consider qualities that a community leader should embody, Constable Cealia Gagnon has all of them. She consistently goes above and beyond what is required as an officer, and with the biggest smile on her face. Constable Gagnon takes great pride in her community, and it shows. Through countless hours of volunteering, with multiple organizations and initiatives in Windsor, Constable Gagnon is always willing to assist others.

There is the greatest sense of genuineness from Constable Gagnon, she treats all of those that she interacts with, with the most utmost respect. She is a positive role model for young females, and provides a benchmark to strive towards. Windsor Police Service and the community is very fortunate to have an officer like Constable Cealia Gagnon to protect and serve. Lorraine Oloya, Windsor