Sharon Williamson - Nomination 3

Sharon is an amazing individual. She is a wife, mother and a career women. Most people would think their plate is pretty full. Not Sharon, she is forever involved in the Hamilton community. She is one of most unselfish person I have ever met. She doesn't care what you look like, what you are wearing. if you need help don't be surprised if it isn't Sharon's hand reach for you. Her heart is t bigger then her beautiful smile. If you know Sharon she is running somewhere for charity. Helping and giving to the homeless. Her family and friends are so proud of Sharon. I personally am very proud to nominate Sharon Williamson. If most of us could be half of her what a beautiful world this would be. - Ronda Macdonald

Sharon Williamson - Nomination 2

Sharon is someone I have been following because she was giving away a trip to Niagara for a weekend to a deserving person. I nominated Adam King due to his struggles and he won. Sharon videoed a homeless man picking the winner. I thought she must be too good to be true...until I started following her. Our world needs more people in our lives like Sharon. Dedicated, generous, smart, devoted and an honourable person. She is so deserving!!! - Kelly Stark, Hamilton

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Rachel Gibbs - Nomination 4

I want to Nominate Rachel Gibbs! 

Rachel Gibbs was one of the co-ordinators of the Youth In Policing Initiative programs and she made an impact in my life during my time in the summer! Rachel has a funny personality and she is very nice and open to any questions you have!
That is why I nominate Rachel!

Reyden Bunag, Peel Region

Inspector Mark J Patterson - Nomination

I am nine years old so a hero is something important to me. A hero is someone to look up to and to want to be like. A hero should set a good example and want to make the world a better place. A hero is someone who would face danger in order to help or save someone. Mark Patterson isn't just my uncle- he is my hero too. - A. Twort, Ottawa

Cst. Debbie Lafreniere - Nomination 2

Officer Debbie Lafreniere through her acts of kindness, interests and concerns has forever changed the life of a little boy. I am grateful to her since I have known this little boy for a long time. I have been in business for seven years and Debbie has always been helpful to me in any situation and giving me advice - she is both valued as a police officer and a friend to me - Cheryl Sterling, Chatham - Kent

Officer Debbie Lafreniere - Nomination

Officer Lafreniere is a very special police officer. She has reached out to many people and help them. Particularly one little boy. This boy is autistic developmentally delayed and recently was termed visually impaired. He lost his dad two years ago to suicide and his mother and her family have little or nothing to do with him. He resides with his parental grandmother. This Officer has been a real inspiration to him. She is patient with him, she takes the time to talk to him and listen to him. She understands his problems and is always ready to praise him when he does something. She works on safety measures with him and his grandmother. The little boy always watches for her and is excited to see her. Through her actions of kindness he is learning to believe in himself. He learned many things from her. 

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Luke Cummings - Nomination

Luke has been the coach of the Port Stanley hockey team(s) for several years, he is also on the executive board of the Port Stanley Minor Hockey Association. He has dedicated his time and knowledge to every team player. He is kind and encouraging to all the young players. He is respectful of everyone, children, parents and officials. He is approachable, if anyone has any issues, he tries to accommodate everyone's concerns. Thank you coach Luke for being there for my son! Karen Carroll, St. Thomas

Cst. Rachel Gibbs - Nomination

Rachel Gibbs is my hero. She works with Peel Regional Police with the media unit. She was one of the police officers who ran the YIPI program which I was apart of in the summer of 2015. Everyday she created new and challenging activities to ensure I got the most out of my experience. She taught me that policing is "1001 jobs" and made me realize that policing isn't just about crime. She helped me understand that one of the most important parts of policing is building relationships within the community. Working together with the community contributes to a safer environment. 

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Ken Steeves - Nomination 3

Ken Steeves is an outstanding citizen and officer. He grew up in a part of London where things were tough. He has continuously share his pride for his city and a love for all of its citizens. - Lee Ann Miller, London



Phil Sheldon - Nomination 8

Phil Sheldon is my brother, my friend, and a hero in our community. Phil was seriously injured while doing the job he loves this past summer - a stark reminder of the danger first responders subject themselves to, in order to keep the rest of the community safe. While the injuries he sustained will be with him for the rest of his life, it is not the scars that make him's the fact that he would do it all again, despite first-hand knowledge of the potential outcome. 

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