Cst. Deanna Lamont - Nomination

Const. Deanna Lamont is a very community minded person who is genuinely interested in the well being of individuals who are more, or less, strangers. When I moved to Windsor in 2014, into a new house and a new, to me, neighbourhood, Deanna came to my house and went through it with me pointing out how I could make my house safe and she emphasized that a security system was a good idea. I did what I've wanted to do for 50 years, (I am 71), I rescued a German Shepherd adult female from the Windsor-Essex County Humane Society as my security system. Deanna was very concerned that I had chosen this high-energy, dominant type dog, and once again, she visited me to ensure that all was good. I am so impressed that the Windsor Police Department have on their staff this woman who exhibits a very professional demeanor as a police officer and tempers it with concern for an "elderly" (which I guess I am) woman. Kay Hayes - Windsor