Jason Riopel - Nomination

For the past two and half years Detective Riopel has been helping my family. He is understanding and amazing to work with. Keep up the amazing work! - Tanya Parker, Ottawa

Constable Anita Sikora - Nomination

Officer Sikora is a hero. I am aware of her recent injury and I know she will power through. Officer Sikora presented to students at Roberta Bondar Public School about a drug awareness program called R.A.I.D. She is very nice, sweet, she also has a very strong personality. - Mallika Bedi, Peel Region

Cst. Dave Steward - Nomination

I would like to thank Constable Dave Steward. He was amazing and understanding with helping my daughter and family at a time of need - Tanya Parker, Ottawa

William Aragian - Nomination

A few years ago Officer Aragian responded to my distress call. His calm, empathetic and professional demeanour was so reassuring. He followed through on his word to keep me up to date as events unfolded. I believe that Officer Aragian goes above and beyond to protect our community and serves as an outstanding officer who deserves recognition for his valued policing role in our community. Thank you Constable Aragian - Joanne Bosnjak, Brantford

Francis Roberge - Nomination

He's been an officer for 15 years, devoted his life to being a police officer. - Nancy Cushman, Ottawa

Brandon Stanway - Nomination

Brandon met with my son on various occasions, just the two of them. I have no idea what they discussed or did together. All I do know, is that my son did a complete 360 in his life and went from a devastating downward spiral to a young man that I am very proud to call my son. Dionne Peterson, Durham Region

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Constable Chapman - Nomination

To: Constable Chapman (badge: 2540) 12 Division.

In short, at approximately 1530 on November 14th 2015, Constable Chapman responded to one of our shop theft calls at the 1500 Dundas St East Walmart, upon arriving the individual who was presently apprehended began to become aggressive against himself and proceeded to cut his own wrists. Constable Chapman selflessly disengaged the situation and the individual who was cutting himself, but primarily making sure that the individual under arrest wouldn't inflict any more harm to himself but he also made sure that this individual wasn't going to hurt or attack Loss Prevention. - Tyler Brown, Peel Region

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Wayne King - Nomination

Helped my son who was suffering some mental health issues a few times... Went above and beyond took him too the hospital and stayed with him till the hospital security took over! Great officer and very compassionate! - Linda Terry, Durham

Lily Fitzpatrick - Nomination

I've only known Lilly for the last few years through social media. I've had the pleasure of meeting her a few times and shes offered to take pictures with me and my kids, as well as shown us around the media offices of peel police. Recently retired, this would be a great way to finish off her employment with the service. - Dan MacNeil, Peel Region

Rachel Gibbs - Nomination

This officer keeps the public up-to-date and informed on the latest events and crimes that have occurred. She is thorough and clever in her tweets and doesn't miss a beat. I think this officer should be commended for her efforts, time and dedication put in. I am a reporter for Country 105 and I am unfortunately leaving the station soon but seeing her updates and even those of the Peel Police Media department help make my days go by easier. I'm always glad to know she's on shift. - Amanda Santos