Christine Schulz - Nomination

I've never met Christina Schulz but in my eyes she deserves to be recognized as a hero. Early October 2nd of 2013 she noticed a driver proceeding down Laurier Avenue in Ottawa in a dangerous manner. She attempted to stop the driver but before she could do that he ran a red light and crashed into another vehicle at a high speed. The man in that other vehicle was my dad. Officer Schulz immediately got out of her car and stayed by my dad's side comforting him for the final last moments of his life. For her attempts at curbing impaired drivers and for her compassion for victims and their families, Christine Schulz deserves to be recognized with this hero award. - Crystal Hampton, Ottawa

Alex McMillan - Nomination

This officer met an elderly woman after being called to her residence in January 2016. After listening to her concerns and worries he soon realized this lovely lady had allowed her fears to keep her indoors. Never leaving to shop even for the basics. PC McMillan volunteered to take her out and help her get the foods she needed. It broke his heart to see someone so overtaken with fear that eating wasnt her priority. PC McMillan showed her compassion by taking her out. - Angie McMillan, Durham Region

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Adrian Woolley - Nomination

I nominate Adrian Woolley as a police hero for always being an enthusiastic officer when helping out with cram-a-cruiser events. - Jasleen Kular, Peel Region

Officer Greaves - Nomination

I would like to nominate Officer Greaves who I feel goes beyond the call of duty when he is out educating the many youth in our community about staying safe. I have 6 grand kids spread out in 3 different schools in Thunder Bay who have had the opportunity to meet Officer Greaves at their school and have shared what he taught them. This tells me he is not only giving them information but leaving an ever lasting impression on the youth. - Kelly Hilton, Thunder Bay

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Wes Brown - Nomination

I have found Wes to go above and beyond in so many ways. Wes is the senior training officer at SSPS, making sure all officers have up-to-date training and make sure they practice, practice, practice! On top of training, Wes is an ERU officer who is on call 24/7 to help his fellow officers and his community. If that's not enough, he even does routine patrols and traffic duty!! - Mike Morr, South Simcoe

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Scott Gibson - Nomination

Cst. Scott Gibson has proved over his many years with the Brantford Police Service that he is dedicated to the city in which he was born and raised. Last year alone, Cst Gibson organized and conducted numerous food drives for the community on his own accord. He has raised thousands of pounds in food donations, and has helped unite a city split by low-income/high crime. He has partnered with local grocers, and a number of local schools to help increase awareness of the struggle many locals have in attaining affordable nutrition.

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Ryan Gibson - Nomination

Ryan Gibson is not only an officer, and a father to three young active boys, but he is also the Commanding officer of the Thunder Bay police youth corps, and he has done an amazing job with our city youth, teaching and training them about all the aspects of law enforcement, but on top of that Ryan is amazing with each youth, getting to know them and making a difference in thier lives, as well as all the work he does with special Olympics, and all the organizations within our community, Ryan is a shining example of a true hero. - Jamie Hnatiw, Thunder Bay


Pat Comeau - Nomination

Pat Comeau has repeatedly shown his dedication to our community, especially children. He organizes and attends annual Cops and Kids Fishing derbys. He will always find time to talk to citizens respectfully, no matter the situation. His record and reputation is heroic and should speak for itself. - Kelly MacDonald, Belleville

Darrin Moore - Nomination

Police Officer helps bring a baby back to life through CPR - Chief John Hagarty, Lindsay

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Lindsay Mollison - Nomination

She displays courageous, selfless acts when she knows the dangers and consequences that lay ahead. Last year she entered a burning building during a call - thinking of those families she could save. She dedicates her extra time to the youth programs in hopes to educate the next generations of the community she serves. She lives for her job and she is my hero. - Kerri Ray, Gananoque