Cst. Jasdeep Bajwa - Nomination

I am Jagdeep Perhar and I work as a real estate broker in Ottawa. As a service to community, I am currently volunteering in various organizations.I have known Jasdeep Bajwa for about 15 years. His commitment to the community is beyond exception. In this young age, he has become a role model for community youth and can be considered the FACE of community. He is very much approachable and many people like me have called him even at odd hours to ask his expert opinion and guidance.

He has taken many initiatives in the community to unite the community as well as educate the community about social issues. E.g.
... He gave a presentation to about 100 people gathering about the domestic violence and as a good citizen, what are our roles and responsibilities. Great demonstration of educating communities about important social issues. 

He was very much instrumental in organizing the Fundraiser walk in support of Queensway Carleton Hospital foundation. He not only encouraged everyone to raise funds, he also organized all the youth and got them involved in this project. Demonstration of leading by example. 

Another initiative by Jasdeep Bajwa, which is being viewed in the community as a big Eye opener, when he organized a information / Educational session with the Children Aid's Society�. This was a very BOLD step by educating the community in a totally new field of CHILDREN AID SOCIETY and FOSTER HOMES.

He is very motivated and down to earth individual and always eager to serve the community. I wish him good luck and pray to GOD to give him strength and opportunity, so that he can continue in his mission to serve the community and inspires lot more people to follow him. Jagdeep Perhar - Ottawa