Cst. Debbie Lafreniere - Nomination 3

To be a police officer takes more then just a takes a special's not just about a job to Contable Lafreniere ...she goes out everyday not only to protect. .but to help! Her genuine heart shows so much compassion to those who are in need. can't learn.!!!.It's part of who she is..For that reason I feel Debbie would be an amazing example of police Hero!! Heart of a Hero! - Valerie Kraayenbrink - Chatham-Kent

Sgt. Scott Coulter - Nomination

My hero is someone who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles…

Sgt. Scott Coulter likes to joke around with friends that he is Batman. When he works out at the station he even likes to wear Batman shirts. I think that this is his way of dealing with over 20 years service in policing. After every shift, he can bring tears to my eyes just telling what happened during a 12 hour shift. There are so many stories, I just wouldn't know where to start.

Sgt. Coulter is truly in the profession he was meant for. Living in a small town, you can easily bump into someone that you arrested years back or even yesterday! There is not a day that goes by that someone doesn't approach Sgt. Coulter and tell him "thank you". I would ask what happened after they left and he would say, "usually when I see these individuals they are at their worst, or under tragic circumstances". He would say that he would always treat them with respect and try to imagine what they are going through at that time. There have been many times that former drug addicts would introduce themselves to Scott, along with their new families, and thank him for being so nice to them when they were arrested, and helping them get their life in order. 

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Cst. Gord Boulton - Nomination

I have know Constable Gord Boulton all his life and have had the pleasure of watch him grown from a fine young kid to a great young man Being a police officer was definitely his calling as he's demonstrated brave qualities at a young age Constable Boulton in his teenage years was instrumental with a group of others in saving the life of a young girl from a house fire and the attempt to save her younger brother were unfortunately not possible (fire was at Battersea General Store).


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Jackie Beaulieu - Nomination

I would like to nominate Jackie Beaulieu as my police hero. She is passionate about her job and about supporting her community. Jackie always has a smile and accepts challenges with enthusiasm. She has a busy home life and still managed to find the time and energy to run a successful "Toys for Tots" campaign. Jackie exemplifies the type of officer I want in my community. Sandra Kiers - Peel Region

James Orr - Nomination

I nominate James Orr for Police Hero. He's my hero for fact that I was going through a hard time in my life and he and another police officer prevented me from committing suicide. They took me to the hospital and stayed with me. I had been through a tremendous amount of trauma at the time and I need help. I don't remember who the other officer was, but I remember Officer Orr. Recently, I ran into Officer Orr again after many years and I hugged him. Not too many people realized what this man did for me but I have become a much better person and understand myself better now than I ever did before. He didn't remember me, as most officers do see and go thru a lot in their daily routines as an officer, but if it wasn't for those two officers, I wouldn't be here.

My life isn't the greatest, as I currently have separated from my long time partner but I have accomplished many things and have even reconsidered policing too. I took on a career in health care to help people and make a difference. Officers like James Orr are hard to find, and yet there are many of them that don't get recognized often enough. Georgia Angelatos, Stirling Rawdon

Detective Constable Michael Mulville - Nomination

I had met Detective Constable Michael Mulville #1412, in August 2015 and not by choice. I can tell you that he knows a lot! But knowledge isn't everything. A true hero believes in what he does and has awesome people skills because he is kind, supportive, sympathetic and is really, really smart. This is Officer Mulville.

In addition, he gave invaluable advice that helped my family, especially myself, to see that we were not alone and that healing and recovery were possible when it seemed like it wasn't during some very dark days.

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Cst. Eric Loeffler - Nomination

On behalf of my 6 year old son and myself, I am nominating Constable Eric Loeffler (#1544) for a hero of the year award. 
In August 2015, I was involved in a domestic incident that my son had sadly witnessed. Although the Constable performed his job very well, this nomination is based on his big heart of gold. During the incident, PC Loeffler visited my son who was at the neighbour's house. An impressionable visit it was. After that day, my son pretended to be a police officer for the next several weeks and had also decided that he was going to be a Police Officer when he grew up. He wanted to save the world from bad people. The other day, he said to me, "Whenever we pass by a police car, I look for the 'Big Guy' but I don't see him."

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Joe Poderys - Nomination

I would like to nominate Joe Poderys for a hero of the year award. On September 27, 2015, our 15 year old son was in a terrible accident. Joe arrived and stayed on the scene for several hours and went above and beyond, providing incredible support to our family as well as our neighbours. His sensitive, kind and compassionate approach will always be remembered, especially by our son. Joe helped us through this tragic morning of events and truly put life into perspective. We are so grateful our son survived this terrible ordeal and so grateful that Joe was with us that day. We wanted to somehow thank him for that day and tell him what a "hero" he was to our family. Please accept this nomination for the amazing work ethic of one the Sault's finest, Joe Poderys. Sincerely, The Mitchell Family

Sharon Williamson - Nomination 5

Sharon Williamson is the most giving person I have had the pleasure to know. Sharon gives of her time to bring attention to the homeless. She not only raises money, but most of the necessities of life we take for granted to make sure the homeless have a sense of worth. Even when times got tough Sharon kept on going. There is so much that Sharon has done, not only being a rare wonderful person, wife and mother but a true selfless individual that I respect and admire so much. - Pamela Chase, Hamilton

Sharon Williamson - Nomination 4

I am honoured to nominate Sharon Williamson as hero. Sharon created Helping Hamilton's Homeless, she gives away used clothing and Tim Hortons gift cards on her lunch. At Christmas she ran the Magical Night of Giving where she gave away food and blessing bags to low income families in Hamilton. She also runs an inspirational page on Facebook That's called inspirational stories and giveaways where she has given away 4 trips to Niagara Falls to People who make a difference in their community. Sharon has a bit heart! Laura Reilly - Hamilton