Mark Oberhauser - Nomination

I would like to nominate Mark Oberhauser for this award. Several years ago he sustained a traumatic brain injury while on duty as a police officer in Mississauga, Ontario. Despite facing a tremendous number of challenges learning to cope with his invisible disability, Mark's persistence and determination has enabled him to return to his job as a police officer. His courage and determination needs to be recognized. Congratulations Mark! Anthony Aquan-Assee - Peel Region

Patrick Rawn - Nomination 6

In the morning of August 10 in the city of Owen Sound came a multitude of calls for fire and police as fires were set in the residential area of the east side. Patrick Rawn was the A/Sgt for his Platoon.... He showed calm and leadership in the storm of the chaos and fear....Pulling people from burning buildings.... Even putting out a small fire with a garden hose... Taking his oath to serve and protect to the highest level......His bravery and leadership ability should be recognized. 

Jeff Dickson - Nomination

Zeus and Jeff make such an amazing pair..they are my Heroes .... Protecting us all! Kari Pomeroy - Kingston

Sgt. Brent Lipskey - Nomination

Sgt. Lipskey is constantly doing the right thing on the job or off. We are neighbours and I can't believe what a class act he is. A father of 4, he always has the time for his family or a friend. He deserves this award as I have witnessed too many good acts to possibly list in this column. He gives officers of the law a good name and a great example to follow. Rob Jonkhans, London

Neal Ridley - Nomination

Neal Ridley sustained a gun shot wound trying to prevent a man from committing suicide. He also assisted my family in finding my son and grandson. After my grandson was returned to his mother, Neal counselled my son and made sure he went to safe place. He goes above and beyond to help and protect the people he serves. - Tanya James

Cealia Gagnon - Nomination 3

A true inspiration, a beacon of the community. Cealia does a wonderful job as a constable and more importantly is a true inspiration to the youth in her city. Jason Coppola, Windsor

Keith Daynes - Nomination

Keith is my hero, not only does he protect and service his community, he has a heart of gold. This man would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. He not only thinks of others first he thinks of animals as well. He risked his own life to save the life of a drowning dog. With out even a second thought he jumped into freezing cold water waist deep went out 20 meters and saved a life. In my books that's pretty darn brave. This man deserves recognition for his bravery. - Julie Miller

Phil Sheldon - Nomination 7

I am nominating Phil because even though he was in iminent danger (fire/explosion) he continued to attempt to rescue the female victim in the house. As a result he suffered severe burns and it has changed his life forever. Phil loves being a Police Officer and wants nothing more than to get back to work. Phil does not consider himself a hero; he feels he was just doing his job. Even more proof that he is deserving of this award! Jennifer Lindley - Niagara Region

Cameel Chambers - Nomination 3

I nominate Cameel Chambers because she is the most motivational and inspirational police officer I have ever met. Her funny personality is very enjoyable and is always open to talk to you! That is why I would like to nominate Cameel Chambers for this years Police Hero because she made a huge impact in my life that I will never forget if it weren't for Cameel! - Reyden Bunag, Peel Region

Cst Peter Jeon - Nomination

Community Policing is not as glamourous or flashy as the speed chases, or running into burning buildings we see on TV. In fact, it is probably in the same realm of chosen opportunities as traffic direction! However, Constable Peter Jeon, over the year of 2010-11, provided exceptional community service to my family in dealing with a neighbourhood dispute. In the end, the entire matter resolved itself in the court system in 2015; but it was Constable Jeon's cool management that prevented further, even potentially deadly, consequences from unfolding. He was able to diffuse and mitigate the situation such that the outcome was controlled and orderly. For this cool, collected reasoning, I offer a nomination to Peter Jeon for my police hero of the year.
Thank you,
Kathy Watson-LeBlanc, Ottawa