Darrin Moore - Nomination 2

I nominate Darrin Moore as Kawartha's Police Services Hero & gentle giant. The other day I heard that he had responded to a VSA (vital signs absent) with a baby, quickly Darrin sprung into action, with his quick actions and training he revived a one month old baby. It warms my heart to hear that Kawartha Lakes Police are looking after our community in all aspects and will be there when we need them most. He is a hero and I'm sure the baby's mother would agree. - Stephanie Myers, Lindsay

Cealia Gagnon - Nomination 2

Cealia Gagnon has not only devoted most of her free time to charity she has managed to influence others to do the same. She is an inspiration to us all. - Livia Eaton, Windsor

Phil Sheldon - Nomination 5

Where do I even begin!? Phil is my life he is mine and our everyday "HERO" I simply could never write enough to tell you how amazing he is, where he's been and all the good he has done on or off duty, it's a lifetime worth!

I wish this nomination came in better circumstances. I wish I realized how much I had and almost lost July 5th, 2015. I wish so many things. But sometimes it's not until you have such a reminder or close call that you get just how much you have taken for granted, all the moments you've missed, things you wanted to do or say but didn't have the chance or take the time, the time you can't get back! 

This incident changed our life, it will forever have an impact, it's devastating, long and extremely hard! Writing about this day makes my eyes tear up, and my heart ache! 

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Sgt. Dodd Tapp

Sgt. Dodd Tapp of the Ottawa Police Service formed a successful peer support group for officers struggling with PTSD and any other mental health issues, I feel that he is deserving of this award because he has done this on his own time and has demonstrated that he cares about the well-being of his colleagues.

There is still a lot of stigma in the police culture in this area. However, Sgt Tapp stood up to this stigma and has helped many officers, put himself out there by sharing his struggles and created a safe place for officers to be able to be better officers.  

Sgt Tapp has shown great courage and did not let the fear of stigma stand in his way. He is a hero. - Jon Guilbeault, Ottawa

Phil Sheldon - Nomination 4

Some say that as we grow, our heroes change. 

Mine has never changed, but evolved over time. My brother, Phil Sheldon, is my hero.

As a child he was a good natured as they come. Shorts and rubber boots with a big goofy grin making other smile. His strength of character lied in continually sticking up for the underdog, seeing the best in everyone and offering them a chance, regardless of the implications. Service before self. 

As a young adult he continued the same path and true to his nature, became a policeman. His strength, courage, compassion and drive to help others led him to a cruel fate. 

While responding to a domestic, Phil sustained extensive burns to much of his body. He has endured so much and still has such a long road to go for recovery. Unbearable pain, countless surgeries, reconstruction and physical therapy could wear anyone's spirits. 

My hero's response speaks volumes. "He would not change a thing". 

Some hero's wear capes, my hero wears a badge that says, Niagara Regional Police, 9425. - Jennifer Sheldon

PC Ron Hunt - Nomination

I would like to nominate PC Hunt though I did not catch his first name as he met with me at the Barrie Hospital when I was involved in a car accident. His help and calm professionalism made the world of difference while I was at the hospital worrying about my unborn child. I was 28 weeks pregnant. I know officers don't get enough thanks for the job they do so it would mean a lot to have him nominated. - Samantha Page, Barrie

Cealia Gagnon - Nomination

Cealia is a First Class Constable with our Service and a first class citizen when it comes to her community. She is someone you can always count on when you need help or a function near and dear to you needs assistance. 
Cealia is a true hero here in Windsor! -Debbie Hunter, Windsor

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Cst Liz Skelding - Nomination

On April 30, 2015, the male suspect attended the residence of his ex-girlfriend, whom he had threatened to kill the day before, determined to carry out his threat. The female victim, frantically called 911 to say he was breaking into her home in Cambridge. Cst. Skelding responded and was first on scene. As Cst. Skelding was exiting her cruiser the female victim exited the residence to approach the cruiser. The male suspect followed her out of the residence and caught up to her. The male began to stab the female in the neck and face; a total of nine times. Cst. Skelding ran at the two and physically tried to disarm the male. In the process Cst. Skelding was stabbed in the leg. Cst. Skelding accessed her pistol and fired one shot at the male suspect, crippling him to the ground. Cst. Skelding held the male at gunpoint until other units arrived. - Kelly Donovan, Waterloo

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Phil Sheldon - Nomination 3

Phil went above and beyond the call of duty on July 5, 2015 when he tried to save a lady from a burning house. He did not hesitate to act immediately even at the risk of his own life. Not for one moment does he regret his actions and we are very proud of him. He is truly a hero in our eyes and always will be. The Niagara Region is lucky to have him as a citizen and a police officer. - Barry and Sue Sheldon, Niagara Region. 

Cameel Chambers - Nomination

Carmeel Chambers organized a cam- a- cruiser for my breakfast programs when all our funding was done and we were about to close down. What she did will keep our doors open for program to the children of Knightsbridge and Malton still the end of the school year. Thanks Cameel and all the children from Families of Virtue says thanks. -Doris Nketia, Peel Region