2021 Nominees

Bill Martin

Timmins Police Constable Martin had to deliver devastating news to myself and my children on the sudden passing of the father of our 3 little girls in October of 2018. With it being so close to Christmas, he returned in uniform five weeks after asking if I would possibly allow him to provide gifts to the girls to brighten their Christmas that year. The girls and I will forever be indebted to this incredible officer. He's helped me with a simple email or phone call as he promised me that if I ever needed assistance, I could reach out to him. 

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Matt Roberts

Brantford Police Service Det. Matt Roberts was there for us when my son died. He did not judge anybody - very supportive and makes you feel comfortable. He is easy to talk to and is there for you whenever you have questions, getting back to you as soon as possible. He gives you as much info as possible without jeopardizing the case where info could be leaked out. 

Frank Kempf

I nominate my husband, Oxford OPP Officer Frank Kempf. Frank is not one that looks for the spotlight, however, he has publicly opened up about a personal life tragedy to help others start conversations. After finding his brother, who'd taken his life, he soon after supported the idea to help turn his pain into music. Frank made sure to communicate his emotions in dealing with the loss which allowed myself & musician Brett Kingswell to create a song - "The Questions Burn" - now on a National Top 50 chart and getting air play in over 10 countries.

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Andria Spencer

Andria Spencer with the London Police Service is a full-time London Police officer, wife and mom. She passionately cares about others and helping others.
For the past few years, Andria has been making care packages for seniors in long-term care facilities and retirement homes in memory of her grandmothers. Andria also makes care packages for kids at London's Ronald MacDonald House. Andria has volunteers who sponsor these care packages. Then, Andria involves her three children - ages 8, 6 and 4 - to help prepare the care packages and has them help deliver them as well. This instills community and caring for others, into her own children. Andria also does other contributions to individual families that she knows or hears about, who can use various types of help. Andria's heart is huge... she always makes time for others... and always has her never-ending smile and sparkling eyes to share with others.

Julie Stahlbaum

After being in a long abusive relationship, I had lost faith in the police but Waterloo Regional Police Constable Julie Stahlbaum restored my faith. She made me feel safe for the first time and took the time to find ways to assure my safety. She was compassionate and comforted me. She gave me the tools to stay safe and to care for my mental heath. She even continues to message me and support me in a peacebond. She could have easily refused to help me since the case was closed, like many other officers have in the past, but she still looks out for my well-being! Thank you, Julie - thank you for making me feel safe and for changing my views of the police service.

Debra Brown

OPP Officer Debra Brown has been in my life since the age of 15. Throughout that time, she taught me so many important life lessons. When I was younger, I was in a bad way, but she changed that forever. Now as a Policing student, she is my biggest role model, along with many others. She has 20+ years on the job. She started with Midland Police Service, moved onto APS, and is now with OPP. She has done so many things for the community around Midland, Penetanguishene, and Christian Island. She is a true hero without a cape.

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Aaron Gross

Niagara Region Police Det. Aaron Gross is a great man & police officer who deserves to be nominated. He doesn't just perform his duties, he goes above anyone I have known in my life. His family and his community is everything to him. His work that he lovingly does for Special Olympics is remarkable. He was chosen to represent Ontario and the Niagara Regional Police to run the final leg for Torch Run Ontario Special Olympics. I am very proud to know him. If anyone deserves to be awarded, Det. Aaron Gross does.

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Rajvir Ghuman

I am incredibly pleased to have a fair constable working in the community, that genuinely cares for everyone. Peel Regional Police Cst. Rajvir Ghuman definitely portrays with his hard work that he actually has a desire to make our region safe for everyone. Even when he is off-duty, he still tries his best to serve and protect. He is constantly working on himself to be a better human, always trying to educate himself, a definite advocate of continuing education, he is a great role model. He is always advocating for others to be kind to one another, and hoping empathy will grow within all, that way the world can become better.

Mary-Beth Fairlie

Mary-Beth is a 911 operator with the Windsor Police Service and an all around beautiful person. Never talks bad about anyone, and is always there when needed. She really enjoys her job and believes in helping people. She volunteers every year for Good fellows.

Lindsay White

Barrie Police D/Cst. Lindsay White is not only an incredible person, but an amazing officer. She strives to do to her job in the utmost and professional manner and will go out of her way to ensure the job is done. She has a passion for policing and a passion for helping others. Between her immense involvement with the community, helping with Special Olympics and LETR, dragon boat races and any other type of community event, D/Cst. White truly proves she is committed to her community. She is truly an inspiring person and a role model. Doesn’t matter the time of day, she is always able to put a smile on your face and always willing to help. She might be tiny, but she is mighty!