2021 Nominees

Greg Streng

OPP Officer Streng came to my home when my son had a mental health breakdown. He was kind, calmed my son down and helped him to get the help he needed. We've been trying for over 10 years to find help for my son and Officer Streng did it all in one day - took my son to the hospital to make sure he'd get the help, and brought him home again after the hospital released him. In my books, that's going out of his way for someone he doesn't even know except the 30 minutes he spent at the house and 30 minutes driving him each way. Thank you, Officer Greg Streng.

Joseph Zaina

Cst Joe Zaina is with the Thunder Bay Police Association and I am nominating him for being compassionate and having much empathy. Constable Zaina understands that a lot of people in Thunder Bay go through incredible hardships. He shows compassion while still remaining professional. Constable Zaina has always shown a lot of integrity. He will go above and beyond and will never ask for a reward in return. Constable Zaina is wonderful with the youth in our community. He actively listens, remains calm and remains non-judgmental.

Matt Roberts

Over the years, I feel Brantford Police Officer Roberts hasn't received the credit he deserves. As a troubled youth, this officer has made not only mine but multiple youth in the community lead to better life choices. Instead of profiling a situation, on numerous occasions he comes in with a level head and numerous times has de-escalated violent situations. He's also really good to talk to in the community and he's all about seeing youth succeed and not make poor decisions... 

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Greg Schaus

Barrie Police Service Constable Greg Schaus is the first face you see walking into the Barrie Police Station. He is a dedicated and caring person which is clear from the moment you approach him. He handles all the walk in reports, and makes sure the that your concerns are addressed and noted to make your experience dealing with police to be a positive one. He is always the calm voice of reason responding to all the concerns of our community through the Station Duty Office. 

Marc Taraso

I'm writing this submission to nominate Constable Marc Taraso of Halton Regional Police. I've known Marc for many years now. He used to be a community mobilization officer in my area. He was also responsible for a large portion of organization of services at public events near me. Over the years, he's personally shown great compassion and empathy towards my situation of life. 

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Ed Sanchuk

OPP Cst. Ed Sanchuk goes above & beyond to keep people informed about what is going on in Norfolk County. He is at a accident scenes, helping people & children in the neighborhood, in all kinds of weather. He informs us of dangerous situations and updates when necessary. We have all come to realize Ed is an important part of our community & trust him completely. The OPP are very lucky to have such a competent Police Officer.

Brian Lowerison

Saugeen Shores Police Service Constable Brian Lowerison is an exceptional officer that goes above and beyond with each person he deals with. Although he is extremely physically fit, beneath he is a gentle, compassionate giant. Regularly, he crouches down and talks in a soft, kind manner to children and his unusual calmness and compassion easily diffuses situations others cannot. Plus, his hard work on uniform patrol has made many in the public grateful to have experienced this fine officer. Everyone that knows him or that he has helped is better off for it.

Heidi O'Neill

We would like to nominate Halton Regional Police Service Constable Heidi O'Neill for this award. We have known Heidi for four years and is she someone who means so much to my sister and myself. This is our third year nominating Heidi as we can’t imagine someone more deserving of this award. Heidi is a dedicated, motivational and loving person who ensures each person she meets feels supported, loved and valued. I am currently studying to be a paramedic and will be graduating this year, Heidi is the reason why I have chosen to be in this program. 

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Scott Moore

Hamilton Police Sergeant Scott Moore is not only an on duty difference maker, but a community role model. Scott has a kind soul and genuinely cares about those he works with and for, and most importantly, in this case, the community. Scott can be seen either taking the time to talk to children in the community, engaging them in conversation, but also adults as well... 

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Jacqueline Ross

I would like to nominate Halton Regional Police Service Constable Jacqueline Ross for this award. Jacquie has been a very influential person in my life, and has been since the first day I met her! I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving of this award because of the hard work she puts into making our community a better place. She strives on making those around her feel safe and loved, and has always made both my sister and I feel very important and valued within the community. 

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