2021 Nominees

Lyndsey Pilkington

Constable Lyndsey Pilkington relates to people. She can use her words to talk suspects into cooperating instead of using force when it is not needed. Treating people civilly and humanely goes a long way into gaining respect and trust from people, whether it be someone who has made a wrong choice and are about to be arrested or making the difference in a child’s life that doesn’t have any guidance from their parents or caregivers.

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Sharlene Bourdeau

Thunder Bay Police Service Constable Sharlene Bourdeau has gone far above & beyond for her Community with respects to reconciliation with the Indigenous Peoples here in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Constable Bourdeau found a way to reconcile with the Indigenous Peoples here after the broken trust OPIRD Report. Constable Bourdeau did this reconciliation with the Indigenous Peoples of Thunder Bay by working with... 

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Vincent Ariemma

I would like to nominate Constable Vincent Ariemma of the Hamilton Police Service for Police Hero 2021. Vince is a tireless advocate for road safety and takes an educational approach to his traffic stops and encounters with public. His insight, professionalism and true kindness for us all, with such care and heartfelt dedication 24/7 365, needs to be recognized through this award. Vince takes time to educate drivers on the HTA and is part of Hamilton’s new Traffic Safety Unit. 

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Elisabeth Aschwanden

What an incredible person South Simcoe Police Special Constable "Officer Elisabeth" (as she is known) is! We all hear #PositiveCommunityEngagementWithOurYoung, well Officer Elisabeth #MakesADifference every day she is around schools! She connects, doesn't judge, and helps kids see the 'right direction' to take in life. She cares about her community as she grew up here. And all the seniors absolute love her too! As a Special Constable, Elisabeth has proven an invaluable asset to SSPS. She is really an #UnsungHero in the community. Officer Elisabeth, you rock!

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Marc Taraso

We would like to nominate Constable Marc Taraso of the Halton Regional Police Service for Police Hero 2021. Marc is a tireless advocate for road safety and educates the community through an engaging use of social media. Marc often takes time to make public safety videos and interact with his Twitter base of over 12K followers where he educates and answers questions on the HTA.

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Aaron Tompkins

I would like to nominate Smiths Falls Police Constable Aaron Tompkins for the 2021 Police Services Hero of the Year Award. Constable Tompkins is our Community Service Officer. Not only does Constable Tompkins serve and protect our town of Smiths Falls, he is involved with many programs in our town.
Constable Tompkins is very involved with our Special Olympics athletes. For years, he has helped with organizing the Law Enforcement Torch Run that goes through our town of Smiths Falls. 

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Sarah Groenewegen

We see Kingston Police Service's Sarah and Horse Murney often on our walks downtown and in the parks. My grandson is autistic and loves to see them together. Sarah always stops and chats, giving out stickers. I think it’s important also that police officers are approachable and kind, especially for children. Sarah is a great role model.

Image credit: https://www.kingstonist.com/news/local-officer-nominated-for-police-services-hero-of-the-year/ and Kingston Police Service.

Mark O'Connell

I follow the Guelph Police Service daily bulletin of events. I have read numerous articles about the great work Mark does and the positive impact he has on the people and businesses of downtown Guelph. His daily presence in the community along with his honesty and fellowship with the people on the street are the things that truly set him above your average law officer. What Constable O'Connell does every day on the job is simply be himself and allow the people he meets get to know, respect and trust him as a friend. Whether he wins the award or not, I feel sure he feels very proud to be nominated... Good luck, Mark.

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Hamilton Police Service Team

On February 1, 2021, shortly before 5 am, a concerned crisis centre staff member contacted the Hamilton Police Service regarding a suicidal male. This male had advised that he was situated inside his vehicle which was parked at the front doors of the Limeridge Mall. He had further advised that he wanted to commit suicide with his homemade pipe bomb that he had situated in his hand inside his vehicle. Hamilton Police Service officers and a Sergeant responded to the area, located the subject, and set up an inner perimeter containment team around the subject’s vehicle.

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Jeff Elvish

Thunder Bay Officer Jeff Elvish was assigned to my family's case. In the midst of a tragic and heartbreaking event, Jeff and another officer came to my mother's apartment where the family gathered to answer any questions he could and to provide his calm, professional support. Jeff made a lasting impression on my family and I am proud to nominate him for this award.