2021 Nominees

Matthew Forget

Cst Forget makes a difference! He is committed, dedicated, and loyal to his role as a member of the tactical team at Durham Regional Police Service. Moreover, he demonstrates a balanced perspective and positive outlook when dealing with members of the community on or off duty while he carries out a very difficult and challenging role in policing. In his community, he is very focused and attentive to his family and neighbours. In addition, he finds time to continue in the service of his country as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces reserves, e.g. where he is a leader and positive role model for young reservists. 

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OPP 911 Team

On March 20, 2020, the OPP received a call from a male who had a loaded firearm in his truck, was parked on the off-ramp of a highway and was intending to commit suicide. Communications Operator Rebecca Harjupanula took the original call and spoke with the disturbed male. She did an excellent job of getting important information in a short time before the male stopped responding. Communications Operator Collen Dewey was dispatching the console where this incident took place. It was dispatched as a high priority call. She did an excellent job of coordinating and organizing units to attend the scene.


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James Jardine

I am proud of Stratford Police Sergeant James Jardine. A couple of weeks ago on his way home down the 403, there was a car that went down into the ditch. Though he was off-duty, Sgt. Jardine turned around, pulled over, and helped the gentleman who was in distress before the OPP showed up to assist. To me, that shows to the community no matter on or off duty, Sergeant James Jardine always put everybody ahead of himself. For this, I feel he deserves a 2021 hero of the year award.

Stephen Meunier

OPP Officer Steve Meunier has been involved in the sport of curling for over 40 years. He has been in several capacities being a competitive curler, club curler, represented the province with his police Curling team at a national competition on five occasions. He is an active member with the Northern Ontario Curling Association, the Ontario Curling council, the McIntyre Curling Club and the Canadian police curling association. He has done so much to help grow the sport. He is also coaching a group of teens in order to help them achieve their curling dreams. 

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Greg Streng

I’d like to second the nomination for Greg Streng from the Carleton Place OPP. In 2015, I left my husband and things turned bad very quickly. The situation became alarmingly abusive and my girls and I had way too many visits from police. Greg was the first responder the night it fell apart. He believed me, let me cry and made sure my daughters and I were safe. Not all police contact went that well over the next few months. Knowing someone believed you and took your concerns seriously made it so much easier to escape the abusive relationship. He restored my faith in the police, he checked in on our safety and, thanks to him, my children and I stayed safe. To my girls and I, he will always be our hero.

Rob Wever

Cst. Rob Wever's on duty and off duty interest in the people of London so often goes unnoticed by so many. His unassuming personality just reaffirms his love of his community, his attachment to his community and his love for the people he serves. His large physical appearance underscores his soft heart for the people on his beat. I have to admit, seeing him get his head shaved for "Cops for Cancer" was a hoot! Proud to be his friend!

Erin Huckell

Dryden OPP Constable Huckell has been a role model for many people in the community. She is not only a police officer, but a fitness instructor. She promotes healthy lifestyles and has set up events to help other police officers in the area achieve their competitive best. She was the recipient of the Eric Nystedt award in 2019. She is a very determined individual who has had a positive effect on everyone she has met.

Debra Brown

OPP Cst Debra Brown always puts people first. In her many years as a police constable in the different polices services she's worked for, the only thing that changes is the patch she wears. Her commitment to the communities she polices and the people in them is inspiring. Her heart is big and she always places her all and mite into those she is called to assist. Never backing down until she has done all she possibly can to help someone else. Having the opportunity to work with Cst Brown and being such a good friend, I've observed this first hand. She is deserving of this award and so much more.

Ryan Salisbury

On August 13th, 2020, Waterloo Regional Cst. Ryan Salisbury and Cst. Rawson responded to a medical call for service at the Frito-Lay plant in Cambridge. My brother, Mike, had collapsed and his heart had stopped by the time Cst. Salisbury arrived on scene. Constables Salisbury and Rawson assisted with the use of the AED and then proceeded to give my brother chest compressions for 14 minutes, keeping him alive until paramedics arrived. Mike was subsequently transported to St. Mary's Regional Cardiac Care Centre... 

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Chris Keller

Cst. Chris Keller with the Sault Ste Marie Police Service is the epitome of someone we would want our community to strive to be like. He is always smiling and so very nice. He takes time to speak with everyone when they are feeling down just to the make sure that they’re ok. He had to come to my calls a few times as I was at my lowest point and wanted to end it. He knows a lot about mental health and addiction issues. He cares about his community and is a very respectful young man who deserves everything and anything he can get. He is my role model and my mentor. I would not be here today if it wasn’t for him. P.S If you ever get Cst Keller, please respect him, he is a great guy.