Bill Martin

Timmins Police Constable Martin had to deliver devastating news to myself and my children on the sudden passing of the father of our 3 little girls in October of 2018. With it being so close to Christmas, he returned in uniform five weeks after asking if I would possibly allow him to provide gifts to the girls to brighten their Christmas that year. The girls and I will forever be indebted to this incredible officer. He's helped me with a simple email or phone call as he promised me that if I ever needed assistance, I could reach out to him. 

Cst. Martin has resolved a few circumstances in the past 2 years as he promised - this man doesn't get enough credit. He has to return home to his own family, keep our town safe, and has made an incredible difference to the us and always will, as so many others will vouch the same in our community. If I could do anything, I'd like him to have a moment - these sorts of officers are what the world needs. He's still human in his uniform. I can't voice how much admiration we have for our TPS but especially for Cst. Martin for going above the call of duty, restoring faith in humanity, and happiness into 4 broken hearts. It is his simple kindness, generosity and outstanding capabilities. I know I can call on him for acceptable matters or questions. I will trust him with my life. Our community doesn't realize how much officers sacrifice - that day in October, he wasn't a cop in uniform but a father, a citizen and an honourable man.

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