2021 Nominees

Amy Birtch

I nominate Sgt. Amy Birtch because she is literally a God send to the women on the streets here. They love her and feel safe to speak with her. She helps them get housing and medical treatment. They are a highly vulnerable population who are desperately exploited, and they can call or text her at any time. I have been able to reach out to her myself on many occasions to help with trafficked women. She has always gone above and beyond.

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Helaine Hindley

Detective Constable Hindley has been with us from the beginning of a very difficult and lengthy court battle. She is always there for a phone call or in person visit as needed and has been compassionate and understanding throughout the entire ordeal. I feel she deserves a shout out for her ability to be so supportive of victims.

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Kandice Scott

Kandice is a dedicated police officer who loves serving her community. She treats the community with respect and puts her all into her job. She also serves the community helping with Special Olympics. In addition, she is a fitness trainer at the Grage Gym and advocates for mental and physical health.

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Tammie Staples

Tammie is a community liaison officer who is committed to youth especially. She delivers school programs, after school programs and always responds to calls from the school when kids are struggling. She makes every effort to meet kids where they’re at and to empower them to succeed. She’s not only kind, but also doesn’t candy coat things. She’s the first person to help out and is greatly respected in the community.

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Robin Coombs

Mr. Coombs consistently takes part in his community through YRPA, and is the reason I want to go to college for 911 communications. Not only is he amazing in his community, he’s amazing at home. He’s the best father figure a 17 year old girl could ask for. 

Jeff Elvish

Constable Jeff Elvish has been a dedicated member of the Thunder Bay Police Service for over two decades. The experience, patience and knowledge this outstanding officer brings to the road is an asset to everyone around him. Jeff has the ability to defuse a potentially violent or chaotic situation with a few calm words or a stern look. The passion Constable Elvish brings to the world of policing is infectious. This is an individual that genuinely wants to help people - plain and simple.

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Andrew Garst

Constable Andrew Garst saved my life under interesting circumstances. His insight, high professionalism and true kindness for us all, with such care and heartfelt dedication 24/7 365, needs to be recognized through this "Hero" award. It would be so wonderful and beautiful to award this very special "Hero Constable Andrew Garst" this very special award. I thank each and everyone of you all and hold you all in most highest regard.

Elisabeth Aschwanden

Elisabeth instantly connects with anyone who she meets. It is her kindness and empathy that make her the great Special Constable that this community respects. Mostly, she works with the schools and backs up the courts, but outside of that, she supports Seniors & Caregivers in the community. She organizes the Police Academy for Seniors (which is always busy), attends and supports all of our events (even the outdoor seniors event, greeting each vehicle with a smile and singing carols with the organizers). She is a true inspiration and advocate for all of our vulnerable population in South Simcoe and deserving of this award.