2021 Nominees

Sean Winzar

I am nominating York Regional Police officer Sean Winzar. Over 10 years ago, I was a victim of a crime. I had called the York Regional Police for help. But when Sean Winzar responded, I had changed my mind and wanted him to leave. Sean knew I wasn’t ok, blocked my vehicle so that I couldn’t leave. I was in tears and shaking. In the freezing cold, he got out off his car with no jacket on and tried to talk to me. 

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Allison Lamb & Matt Scott

Durham Regional Police Cst. Allison Lamb is the reason I am here today. She and Cst. Matt Scott, who also deserves this award, have helped me through the toughest time of my life. They brought me to the hospital and stayed by my side through everything, and I’m still able to talk to them today. They didn’t give up on me and they let me know that people are here for me even if I think they aren’t. They are amazing people and I think they truly deserve this award. Heroes don’t always have capes.

Casey MacGregor

As principal of a Secondary School, I have had the pleasure of working closely with Cornwall's Constable Casey MacGregor these past several years, and the photo included with this submission speaks volumes to Casey's true character. Casey is a cheerleader and champion for our community youth! As principal, I have witnessed Constable MacGregor go above and beyond his role as a police officer, to become a mentor, positive role model and caregiver to some of our neediest and most vulnerable students. 

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Alice Czitrom

Alice Czitrom is a civilian member of the Peterborough Police Victim Services Unit and is the primary handler/trainer of the PPS Facility Dog, Pixie. Alice has spent countless hours to organize, research and develop this program within the Peterborough Police Service. With clear goals and her passion in working with the community in mind, Alice and Pixie provide a much needed calm, comfort and compassion to the citizens of Peterborough.

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Austin Clark

Cornwall Cst. Austin Clark always goes above and beyond to make civilians feel comfortable with law enforcement, which in today's world has become increasingly difficult. A true hero doesn't always need to do something extraordinary like save someone's life. But being a caring, respectful voice regardless of the circumstances is also heroic and is why Cst. Austin Clark deserves this award.

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Darryl Rice

Cst. Darryl Rice has been outstanding at organizing the DRPS Food and Toy Drive for several years. He works around the clock making sure no one goes without during the holidays. Local dealerships have donated cars for the entire month of December to help collect food and toys. Darryl is seen every weekend in front of local retailers encouraging people to 'Stuff A Cruiser.' He makes sure all businesses, organizations, schools etc are aware of these Drives and to volunteer or contribute. He deserves this recognition!

Linzi Edwards

Where do I begin! OPP Constable Linzi Edwards started a community Facebook page in Halton Hills. The page is called Halton Hills it Takes a Village. This page now has over 1,600 members. Linzi created this page in 2020 when COVID-19 hit us and she realized there are people in need of support locally. She created the page to get the community she lives in together to support each other. This page allows people to reach out and get help for people who might be struggling. 

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Travis Bergeron

Constable Travis Bergeron is an exemplary display of what a police officer should be. He is respectful, professional and amazing at what he does. He adjusts his level when speaking to different audiences. He is a great ambassador for the City of Cornwall and my family feel safe when he's on duty. Thanks for ALL that you do to protect the citizens of this city.

Erin Morrison

I am writing to you today to nominate Erin Morrison, 911 Call Dispatcher in Peel, for a Police Hero Award. Considering the level of courage and dedication of this work force, I can imagine there is great competition for these awards. Reading about past recipients, I am in awe of their stories of saving lives and making a difference.

I cannot begin this letter outlining a particular life that Erin has saved because she has played an integral role in so many. She has been a dispatcher with Peel for 18 years, and brings a wealth of experience, professionalism and dedication to her role that is very refreshing in today’s world.

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Kerry Schmidt

I would like to nominate OPP Sergeant Kerry Schmidt for the remarkable job he did covering the tragic death of Constable Marc Hovingh. He took us on the remarkable journey back to Manitoulin Island sharing his emotions and grief and how so many people came out to honour this fallen hero. We truly felt so proud to be Canadian and honoured Kerry Schmidt allowed us to be a part of this journey. Both he and Marc Hovingh are heroes in our eyes.

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