Det. Gary Bezaire - London Police Service

This is hard to pick the right nomination category for Gary as he is awesome at his job and a difference maker in our city. He is also an outstanding community person.
He is currently Vice President of the not-for-profit, Dad Club London which he has done amazing things in his 7 years as a board member. Over that time, he has held various board positions moving his way through the ranks. This was an uncontested and a unanimous vote for Gary to appoint him our Vice President. Through that time, Gary has been very successful organizing fundraising campaigns. Over that time, he has help raise over $200,000 in cash and support for London and area families. He has also been instrumental in organizing feed the homeless in the London community and local park clean ups. He always engages his family and their friends to participate in these events. At our most recent feed the homeless campaign, he brought his son’s hockey team out as he thought it was important for them to be involved and see how much the need is in our community. Teaching these youth the importance of giving back.
Another example of his community passion was when a young boy was out playing with his nerf gun, he was approached by some individuals that bullied him and took away his toys. Gary wanted to show the young man that not all people are bad and spearheaded a fundraising campaign to prove this. He was instrumental in raising funds to purchase every nerf toy that Toys r Us offered and delivered this to him. It was an outstanding experience that I also was involved in with my children.
This is definitely a passion of Gary’s as he is also on the board of directors for our London & Middlesex Community Housing. LMCH's Board of Directors is a dedicated group of local business and community leaders who volunteer their time to strengthen our communities. Through a governance model, their Board sets LMCH's strategic direction and oversees operations. They manage all publicly owned rent-geared-to-income housing in London & Middlesex.
On the job, Gary has done outstanding work in the areas of homicide and now working in human trafficking's. Neither of these positions are for the faint of heart and with Gary’s passion he is making a strong impact and a difference in our community.
Over the past 7 years I have know Gary his passion has been contagious to our group. Gary is a very humble individual, not one to seek accolades or attention. I feel he should be recognized for his outstanding accomplishments and achievements and am proud to have him as a board member and a friend.
Chris Burton
President Dad Club London