2021 Nominees

Chabine Tucker

I nominate Sergeant Chabine Tucker from the Ottawa Police Service, for many reasons, mainly his commitment for the City of Ottawa, and its communities. Chabine is definitely a community role model, an inspiration, a great motivator, and a mentor. Chabine is also the team lead of the OPS Hoopstars. He gave me the opportunity to volunteer with the Hoopstars organization, and be more engaged within my community. 

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Rosana Souza

In January 2016, I was the subject of a traffic stop performed by OPP Constable Souza. I was new to the country and ignorant to most laws. On that day, I received multiple suspensions and court summons along with a well deserved lecture. My poor choices brought a great deal of financial and emotional burden to my family. The enforcement actions taken by Constable Souza served as an eye opener and a life altering event that helped me make rewarding and fulfilling life choices. Thanks to her actions, I have become a more responsible operator and it has encouraged me to pursue my soon-to-begin career in law enforcement.

Sue Newton

Working with individuals in the criminal justice system, I am always impressed at the way St. Thomas Police Sgt. Sue Newton goes out of her way to develop a rapport with the individuals despite their involvement in the justice system. Sgt. Newton's rapport with the people in the justice system goes a long way to making people feel comfortable attending court.

Jason Drobnich

I am nominating Hamilton Police Officer Drobnich for his commitment and respect for Indigenous peoples in Canada. He is a liaison and initiates multiple initiatives for Indigenous people in Hamilton and the surrounding areas. He also uses his personal time and money to help various at-risk Indigenous peoples during the course of his work as SOCO for HPS. At a time of such division with our Indigenous communities, Jason’s work is much appreciated and needed.

Mark O'Connell

I want to nominate Constable Mark O’Connell of the Guelph Police Service. An 18 year veteran of the Force, he chooses the downtown beat. Mark knows everyone downtown... the business owners and the homeless. He knows them all by name. They respect him. He doesn’t try to arrest the problem but is constantly finding and suggesting ways to get these people help. Constable O’Connell is a model for Community Policing. I attach the following article describing who Mark O’Connell is much better than I can. He’s making a real difference in downtown Guelph.

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Tori Lean

Cst. Tori Lean is a Halton Regional Police officer who works in recruiting. She has helped me in so many ways even though I wasn't successful in the application process. Tori is an inspiration, a great motivator, and a mentor. Tori believed in me even though sometimes I wasn't confident in myself. Tori has made me a better person, and when I become a police officer, I aspire to be the kind of police officer she is, serving the region of Halton. She continues to be a great support system for me as I continue to work on myself and get better.

Ahmad Ahmad

If there is one person who I think needs to win the Community Role Model Award, it is both Hamilton Police Officer Ahmad and Police Horse Lincoln with the Hamilton Police Mounted Unit. They are always out and about doing a wonderful job interacting with the community and keeping the streets of Hamilton safe and sound. I don't know about you, but I think Lincoln deserves lots of apples! And a big thank you to Officer Ahmad for always being a community role model!

Heather Dalton

Durham Regional PC Dalton is amazing with youth. She's always around to help and solve problems. She's always encouraging young ones. PC Dalton has had a huge impact on both my children. Because of her and her kind words, and never giving up on them, my daughter has gone from 300 pounds to 190lbs and still going. And, my son, well he has changed and has not gotten into trouble. He is now taking programs, going back to school and getting employment. So thank you, PC Dalton, for never giving up on my children.

Jamie Day

I'd like to nominate Cornwall Police A/SGT. Day for his community involvement! He puts a tremendous amount of effort and time into the Cops and Kids Fishing Day - from helping to put together the event, seeking out equipment through donation/etc., to assisting the participating youth so that the day is enjoyable for all. 

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Sarah Groenewegen

Sarah is the smiling sunshine of the Kingston Police. She is also our Mounted Police Officer, representing the City in so many ways. Her constant best attitude and presence is incredible. The responsibilities of a Mounted Officer start early and end late in the day, and all of this while representing the uniform with honour. Her presence is felt whether in a car, on foot or on horseback. 

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