2021 Nominees

Matt Parker

We would like to nominate Constable Matt Parker for the Police Services Hero of the Year Award – On Duty Difference Maker. Matt has been a police officer with the North Bay Police Services since 2006. Matt is a soft spoken, kind and generous man. He is a tireless advocate for the most vulnerable in our community and during his time with the NB Police Services has been instrumental in creating a variety of outreach programs geared to assist individuals with barriers faced during their interactions with the Police Services.

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Michael Kitchen

Constable Michael Kitchen began work as the Orillia OPP Mental Health officer in 2018. He has been a constant in the Orillia OPP's partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association and the collaboration with them for the Orillia Crisis Outreach and Support Team. Over the years, Constable Kitchen and his COAST partners have managed to conduct approximately 1,000 interventions per year. These interventions are conducted pre-incident and post incident with a goal of guiding individuals into supports or to help them maintain the supports offered to them. This proactive approach has minimized police interactions.

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Craig Kelso

OPP Provincial Constable Craig Kelso is not only a hero but a stand up police officer. He has reached out to my family and tried to help guide my son in a better direction in life... without his help, I am not sure where I'd be in my life right now. Thanks, Craig, for being you.

Jody Fedak

I am nominating OPP Provincial Constable Jody Fedak as a community hero. I have had the opportunity to watch her career develop through the years. She has always made the community and those within it the utmost important part of her life. I have watched the numerous volunteer positions she has always stepped up with. Whether for youths, the community or a fellow Officer, Jody is always there to make a difference. My son, who was 14 at the time, started a not-for-profit organization for First Responders and Veterans suffering from PTSD. 

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James Brockwell & Jenna McElravy

Ottawa Police Service Officers James Brockwell and Jenna McElravy responded to a call to aid a man who had fainted at a local gym. The pair took turns performing CPR before turning to their AED to bring his pulse back before paramedics arrived on scene. The two showed tremendous teamwork and saved a life.

Jordan Bouchard

Jordan Bouchard with the Ottawa Police Service works in an area of the city that really needs understanding. I have spoken with Jordan about her work and why she does it and you can see she cares about the people. That she is there to help. I work with children, and Jordan has the heart of a teacher and the knowledge and experience of a seasoned police officer. You always want to feel the police are community helpers, and Officer Jordan Bouchard is an officer you can call on and know she is there to protect the city.

Joel Rehill

I would like to have Chatham-Kent Police Service Officer Joel Rehill acknowledged. He has worked very closely with our daughter, which he knew was on a time-ticking deadly path as drugs were a problem in her life. He would take phone calls from her on or off duty... frequented the home often, and keeping a strong eye on the situation. She now is 2 years clean and holds a full-time job... to this man, our family will be forever thankful and grateful for his call beyond duty! Many many thanks! 

William Hall

Cst. William Hall with Peel Regional Police deserves to win the 2021 Police Services Hero of the Year Award because his actions not only saved the life of my four-year-old son, but because his kindness, generosity, and compassion have gone above and beyond and are a testament that good police officers exist! On Saturday, February 20, 2021 my son was out sledding with his siblings and Dad when an off-leash Rottweiler attacked him and dragged him by his face. William Hall, who was also at the park with his own children, put himself in harms way to save my son by jumping on the dog. Had William not jumped on the dog the outcome could have been much worse... 

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Manny Coelho

Sgt. Manny Coelho is a Listowel OPP Officer in Perth County. On Saturday, February 27, he spent 24 hours outdoors to help raise money for our homeless with the "It Takes A Village" organization. The goal was to raise $2,400.00 and the event ended up raising over $31,000.00. Sgt. Coelho is also a member of the Listowel Legion. He made our community proud, and brought a lot of awareness to our community on this issue.

Sean Shorrock

Sean is an exemplary member of the Thunder Bay Police Service. He runs a youth organization on top of being an officer and father. His devotion to our local youth is outstanding and something to be mentioned, especially in this current time with COVID-19. He has been a member since I was a kid and recently stepped up to run our organization, continuing to advocate for new programs and equipment. Sean Shorrock is an overall amazing officer!