Cst. Terry Shipp - Brantford Police Service

I went through a very traumatic situation this year in Brantford. When I found out what was happening, I was given the police station's phone number and his, as he had started an investigation before the incident with me. I had to give 3 separate statements to him because of all the trauma. And I cannot begin to tell you how patient and kind this man is. Every time he met with me, I was greeted with a smile and a hello. He was also aware of previous trauma with the police (from when I was a small child and no fault of the police). So, he would charge into street clothes before I would start so I could be more comfortable. I cannot think of a more deserving person, as he works on the crisis team helping the community. I will forever be grateful for Terry and his work. He made me feel validated and supported for the last year while the case was in court, and I know I can count on him for anything. I’ve never been more appreciative of a police officer in my life.