2021 Nominees

Amy Birtch

I am nominating Sgt. Amy Birtch for this award because of the difference she makes in the lives of the vulnerable women that she works with. Amy creates a safe space for the communities most vulnerable to feel like they can ask her for help which is incredibly important for those at risk. I have had the honour of working with Amy through our program that partners with London Police (PAR) and all of the women that she works with trust and respect her, along with all of us staff. Amy’s ability to connect with the communities most vulnerable is life changing and life saving and I couldn’t imagine a better officer to receive this award.

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Ian Forde

Cst. Ian Forde with the Waterloo Regional Police Service has made a tremendous difference in his community. Before COVID-19, he was an amazing officer who talked to me professionally about his experiences as a police officer (during an open house event) and connected with me on a human level. He also recently highlighted his experiences as an officer of colour on the Black History Month series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CjN39Lc31M

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Elaine Batt

Elaine is a very dedicated supervisor in communications with the Hamilton Police. She has been in the communications room for almost 30 years and a member of the Hamilton Police Service for almost 33 years. She was a dispatcher for most of her career and has been apart of some horrible things over the years. She never brings her work home with her. She is my hero and I think she deserves this award!

Erin Cormier

Constable Erin Cormier is a recruiter for the Halton Regional Police Service - her enthusiasm and passion for the profession of law enforcement is palpable. Her desire and drive to recruit and develop the best possible talent is clear to anyone who knows her. Erin goes out of her way, regularly on her own time, to take time to develop programs that will make a difference and help to identify and acquire the best possible talent for the law enforcement profession. 

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Carolyn Pennie

Carolyn works as a civilian police service member in direct entry at the Sarnia Police Service. She started a not-for-profit organization called Bare Necessities Little Lunches. When COVID-19 hit and closed schools last year, children who previously had breakfast clubs and nutrition programs to enjoy at school suddenly didn’t have these programs. Her aim was to bridge that gap during the pandemic and offer this program to children in their homes. The program took off and has provided nutrition to children over the last year.

Paul Mamak

Around the year 2010, Sarnia Police Staff Sgt. Paul Mamak and his wife Tracy Moore were having breakfast at the Holiday Inn in Cambridge. He immediately jumped in and saved a woman's life when she started choking on some food. He's a real hero that deserves to be recognized! In 2019, he also opened up Blue Line Pub as a place to honour first responders. He's very active in his community as well. 

Lyndsey Pilkington

Cst. Lyndsey Pilkington with the Sault Ste Marie Police Service is the epitome of someone we would want all our daughters to strive to be like. She is always smiling and so very nice. She takes time out to speak with the kids, make sure that they’re OK. She had to come to my daughter's dance studio as there was a call to find someone who had entered the studio that was dealing with drug and alcohol issues. As she was doing her search, she stopped into the dance class and asked the girls if they could show her their dance. She told them they were great, and to always be kind to one another. It’s these little things that make someone memorable. She is a great role model for young girls!

Gary Bezaire

Det. Gary Bezaire with the London Police Service is an outstanding human being. He’s a board member on a not-for-profit organization called Dad Club London, which helps fathers and their kids to become better people and build a brighter community. He volunteers his time supporting the low income kids basketball and baseball program. His passion for giving back and positive energy is outstanding. Seeing him in our community has made my 6 year old want to be a police officer when he grows up.

Derek Foote

Constable Derek Foote of Durham Regional Police is a frontline hero! Derek goes above and beyond in his role. Derek has been an officer for roughly seven years with DRPS. Within the last few years, he has experienced very challenging work and has saved many lives. Derek is a positive role model for any aspiring police officer. He has a passion for helping vulnerable populations and puts others needs before his own. 

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JP Hobbs & Kristen Southgate

Guelph Police Service Constables Kristen Southgate and JP Hobbs gave some money to a homeless lady for a coffee as well as something to eat along with purchasing some footwear and socks for her. These two officers deserve a nomination! Above and beyond service!

Image credit and further details: https://www.guelphtoday.com/local-news/small-act-of-kindness-by-guelph-police-officers-goes-a-long-way-1880202