Andria Spencer

Andria Spencer with the London Police Service is a full-time London Police officer, wife and mom. She passionately cares about others and helping others.
For the past few years, Andria has been making care packages for seniors in long-term care facilities and retirement homes in memory of her grandmothers. Andria also makes care packages for kids at London's Ronald MacDonald House. Andria has volunteers who sponsor these care packages. Then, Andria involves her three children - ages 8, 6 and 4 - to help prepare the care packages and has them help deliver them as well. This instills community and caring for others, into her own children. Andria also does other contributions to individual families that she knows or hears about, who can use various types of help. Andria's heart is huge... she always makes time for others... and always has her never-ending smile and sparkling eyes to share with others.