Scott Kendall

Scottie is a not only a colleague but a friend. A Police Officer for 15 plus years. During summer of 2016 we were faced with an incident where a young man had just assaulted his parents and wanted to kill Police attending. The male rushed the driveway with bat in hand screaming "who am I killing first". Guns were drawn by attending officers including Scott and myself.

Reluctant to shoot and give the male a chance to comply, we were backed up over 100 metres down a gravel road. The roadway came to a sudden end with male, bat still in hand five feet from me. The male focused his attention on me at this point. Scott moved behind the male without notice. At this point I had a split second to decide what to do. The thought of shooting the male to stop the threat and the high possibility of me getting hurt or killed was clear. I looked for not two seconds at Scott who knew my thoughts right away. As my gun was still pointed at the male and trigger half cocked, Scott tackled the male to the ground. After the arrest his first comment was "are you good?".

Scott prevented the male from getting shot, justified, but between the two of us the male is still alive. Scott was not concerned about the bruises and cuts sustained but rather if I was ok. He's tuned in and knows his officers. I say that as a man that was diagnosed with PTSD from an active shooter call when I was a member of the Mounties. That call changed my and my family's life forever. A call I attended as a lone officer that unfortunately had a drastic ending with several losing their lives. I have talked to Scott about this call and he sat and listened. Not many perform with the compassion and respect that he has.

Scott knew this call may hash old memories and trigger unpleasant feelings. He puts others first and not afraid to listen. He doesn't belittle partners and always there to help. He has since been promoted to Sgt. I highly recommend him as a Police Hero not only for the call we attended, the male who is still alive, the parents who are thankful their son is still on this earth... but the fact that he acts and displays understanding and respect for others who suffer.

Not sure I'd still be on the road if Scott was not on that call. I guess you could say he saved two people that day. A person who he has never met and a partner that won't forget who has his 6.