2018 Nominees

Joanna Styrczula (3)

Joanna S. is an incredible leader and is dedicated to helping her community. One specific example of Joanna going over and beyond is in June of 2017 when she brought awareness to scams happening in the Polish community with the elderly via a written article in a well-read Polish newspaper and speaking on a radio show. 

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Kathy Williams (3)

I nominate Kathy Williams. Her dedication and passion for coaching and protecting the children is second to none. She is an incredible role model and the strength she poses to do what she does not many can do.

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Laura Wells

Laura Wells is an absolute asset to her Police Service. She demonstrates her commitment to her community by always looking for ways to give back. 

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Kyle Kehler

I nominate Kyle Kehler of the Thunder Bay City Police. Kyle had been a wonderful role model to community youth, promoting positive recreational activities and skill building.

Kathy Williams (2)

I nominate Kathy Williams for her hard work and commitment to keeping our streets safe. It takes a great deal of strength - physically, emotionally, and mentally - to have the ability that Kathy possesses in order to keep children out of harms way. 

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Brian Mitchell

I would like to nominate Brian Mitchell for the Police Hero award, in recognition of his tireless work with Serving With Pride and his work to improve relations between police and the LGBT community.

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Ian Jarvis (2)

I want to personally thank Ian Jarvis for helping out my dear friend who was sexually assaulted by her ex-boyfriend. When she came forward, Mr. Jarvis listened to her and believed in her. She is very thankful for all his help. He was there all the way.

Joanna Styrczula (2)

This officer is a long time friend. She is courageous, kind, and loyal. I had the pleasure of working side by side with her in Corrections before she became a Peel Police Officer. She has excelled as a police officer as I knew she would. I would follow her into any situation and know she has my back!

Dawn Neilly

As a community police officer, Dawn works very hard to make my community a better place to live for everyone. She is the most engaged CPO I have met and you can tell she loves her job. 

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Kathy Williams

Kathy Williams works on the cyber unit in Thunder Bay. She is committed to our community, volunteering her time as a coach and mentor. She is my boxing coach but she also refs women's basketball here in our city.

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