Hamilton Police Service Officers

On April 16, 2016, at 6:32 PM, the Hamilton Police Service received an unknown 911 call for a report of shots fired coming from a residence in Stoney Creek. While en route to the scene, officers were given an update that a male was inside the residence shooting multiple victims.

Officers Jasdeep Mann and Cleon William were the first to arrive on scene assessed the situation and without hesitation, entered the residence and took positions on the stairway, waiting for backup to arrive.  Sergeant Dave Pidgeon, Officers Christian David and Phil Hedgecock arrived shortly thereafter, and an immediate action plan was put into place to clear the residence.

Officers David and Williamson began clearing the basement of the home and located a female who was suffering from multiple gun shot injuries at the bottom of the staircase.  The officers continued to clear the basement to ensure it was clear for their safety and other emergency responders who would have to enter the residence. Once the basement was clear, Officers David and Williamson began to assess the female’s injuries and performed CPR on her in attempt to save her life.

Officers Hedgecock and Mann, while clearing the second floor of the home, located an elderly female in a living room who was also shot multiple times. This female was the victim who managed to call 911 and was in and out of consciousness when police arrived. PC Mann accessed the victim’s gun shot wounds and tended to her injuries.  Sgt. Pidgeon and Officer Hedgecock knew the house was still not safe, as the upper level had not been cleared. Sgt. Pidgeon and PC Hedgecock continued to clear the second floor and located a male lying within the hallway of the home with signs of a gunshot wound and a pistol on the floor by his side.  The search of the second floor continued, Sgt. Pidgeon and Officer Hedgecock located a second male in a den that appeared deceased due to multiple gun shot wounds.

Once the home had been cleared of any active shooter, all officers conducted a triage of all the parties shot. The elderly female that had been in the living room and the male shooter were found to have pulses and were transported to the hospital. The shooter was pronounced shortly after arriving at the hospital. The elderly female passed away due to her injuries a few days after the event.

These officers displayed bravery, tenacity and professionalism. They risked their own lives by entering a property during an active shooter situation in attempts to save the lives of the public they serve. Officers Mann, Williamson, David, Hedgecock and Sgt Pidgeon should be commended for their actions as they displayed true heroism. They upheld their oaths and continue to serve the Hamilton community.