2018 Nominees

Elizabeth Skelding (6)

Cst. Elizabeth Skelding is a hero in Waterloo Region for risking her life to save a woman during a domestic abuse call! Keep up the awesome work to protect our people, Elizabeth.

Michael Allison (3)

I have known Mike for over 4 years now. He has always been friendly and approachable to everyone around him. He instills good values and has a caring heart. I am very happy to be able to add to his vote and wish him and all the others the best.

Keira Brooks (8)

Keira Brooks is the most caring and loving constable I've had the privilege of working with! She's a member of the St Peter's Catholic High School community - we're so fortunate as a staff to have a Constable who knows how to relate to young kids, and truly helps families in our communities who are in need of guidance and support. Keira is one of a kind and we're so blessed to have her!

Amy Finn (8)

I nominate Amy Finn. She truly is a hero. She has helped me get through some really hard times. She's been by me, my entire life. She always goes above and beyond with everything she does. Amy is an incredible hero in my eyes. Photo credit: Trevor Terfloth/The Daily News

Mark J. Bradley

If it was not for this particular Police Officer, I would not be starting to try and heal from the trauma that myself and my daughter endured since 2015 and continue to endure to this day. Sacrifice is the hardest of all human actions. But anybody who puts on a uniform like this amazing Constable to help others (like me and my daughter) knows it's also the most important. 

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David Bonnell

I would like to nominate officer Dave Bonnell - he puts his life on the line for all of us. He helps keep our street clean from the drugs in the area. As fentanyl is one of the biggest problems in our area, he works everyday to be sure that the streets stay clean. He doesn't think of himself, always thinks of others first. 

Cale Armstrong

I nominate Cale Armstrong. He puts in long hours at work and never complains about his job. He goes to work and does what he has to in order to keep people safe. I often hear him talk about how being kind, patient and courteous to the public goes along way. He has pride that he can make a person’s day. 

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Paul Myers

I am nominating Paul Myers on behalf of my fiance and I. He is our arresting officer, who changed our lives positively and permanently by showing us our wrong doings and forcing us to own up to, and change, our lifestyle. Photo credit: https://chathamvoice.com/2015/08/07/play-set-wish-comes-true-for-local-boy/

Sherry Jordan

Sherry Jordan is a 25 year veteran officer with the Ottawa Police force. She was one of the first female officers that joined the Nepean Police which is now Ottawa Police. She has been actively involved in all aspects of policing from on road duty, detective, school youth intervention. 

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Keira Brooks (7)

Officer Brooks has an outstanding rapport with the students and staff in our school. Not only does bring a guiding police presence to the school, by working with the students through any difficulties they may have, she also volunteers her own personal time to help coach the students in extra curricular activities. 

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