2018 Nominees

Paul Myers (2)

Paul has been my kid brother for all 52 years of his life. I had the opportunity to ride with him many years ago. I never realized the dark side of life he sees on a daily basis. Despite that, he still treats everyone with the greatest respect and chooses to volunteer his time for the less fortunate. He has my deepest respect.

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Ian Maxwell

A hero is unique to the individual who benefited from a person's kindness, generosity, integrity, professionalism, quick action, patience or gentle spirit in a time of crisis or need. While I can't speak for all, Ian Maxwell is my definition of a hero, in every sense of the word and meaning.

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Amy Finn (11)

A true community hero, Amy always responds to any group, organization or person who needs help - she is the epitome of a community police officer, ethical, trusted and trustworthy.

Keira Brooks (11)

Keira does a lot to help out her local community. She cares deeply about those around her. In 2017, she participated in the Barrie Dancing with Easter Seals Stars. Barrie is lucky to have someone like Keira. Even if she isn't crowned the Police Services Hero, she is still a hero to me.

Mike Cox (6)

I can think of no better candidate to nominate than Michael Cox for this prestigious award. His eternal benevolence and philanthropy have been proven time and time again. Putting everyone before himself, he is a staple in the community of Harrow.

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Mike Cox (5)

I believe Mike is well deserving of this award. He was a role model to me my whole entire life. Everyone looks up to him for his character, kindness and care for his community. Photo credit: Dax Melmer / Windsor Star

Dan Irwin (2)

Dan Irwin has gone above and beyond in his duties by rescuing a potential drowning casualty from the Neebing McIntyre Floodway.

Graham Wyatt

On May 27, 2017, I suffered a cardiac arrest. Thankfully, my family was there to take quick action and after phoning 911, Officer Graham Wyatt was here in approximately one minute. Officer Wyatt quickly took control of the situation by taking over the chest compression from my wife. Needless to say, it was a great relief to my wife and family as they felt they were in good hands. 

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Kenneth Campo

During an 18 month period regarding a fence dispute with my neighbour, I called the Windsor Police Department on 9 occasions in which the neighbour was infringing on my person or property. All officers that came were professional, empathetic and very understanding of my situation. 

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Amy Finn (10)

I'd absolutely love to share a story about Amy Finn. I grew up in a drug infested impoverished neighborhood. I was fortunate enough compared to some of my peers that my parents didn't have a substance abuse problem. My home was drug and alcohol free. My dad was a factory worker and my mom stayed home with us kids, so unfortunately that's where we could afford to live.

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