2018 Nominees

Amy Finn (7)

I met Amy many years ago when my husband suffered a massive heart attack at home. Amy was on patrol and heard the call come in. Even though her shift was done and she could have went home, Amy came to our home and drove me to the hospital. She stayed with me until family could come to be with me. 

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Ruth Weins

Ruth has worked as a 911 dispatcher for a number of years. Her calm demeanor and true care for peoples' well-being are obvious. She puts real effort into her work and always thinks of others first.

Mike Cox

Mike has gone above and beyond for my community. He takes time out to help with my Essex County Heroes in Amherstburg when we have it at General Amherst High School and I think he deserves the award. He clearly loves his job and I think he deserves this award. Photo credit: Dax Melmer / Windsor Star

Elizabeth Skelding (5)

Elizabeth was a very brave officer for her action the night of an assault in Cambridge. Elizabeth had to draw her weapon without much time to think, and it might have been a lot worse if she didn't act fast. Elizabeth, you have my vote for Police Hero of the Year - an excellent officer in the community, and well mannered. Good job, keep up good work, and all the best.

Matt Jotham

I nominate Officer Matt Jotham because of all his work with the schools and safety patrols in Guelph.

Photo credit: DJ Dunzie photo, Guelph Mercury

Michael Allison (2)

I would like to nominate Michael Allison for this award as I can attest to his strength of character and compassion are a core part of who he is in every aspect of life. As his daughter, I can say with pride that he truly takes the "To serve and protect" mantra to heart. 

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Keira Brooks (6)

Officer Brooks is the School Community Police Officer for St. Peter's Catholic High School. Her presence in the school is a positive role model and support for all who attend our school. She comes to events, participates in school activities and provides guidance for students who struggle with a variety of issues. 

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Amy Finn (6)

I raised my granddaughter...when she was 6, my ex-husband decided he wasn't willing to be a part of it and we had a hard split, which involved police. This put a scare into my granddaughter's life. She attended the same daycare as Amy's twin boys so she frequently saw Amy in uniform.

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Michael Allison

I would like to nominate Mike Allison. I believe that he deserves to be recognized for the expertise and tireless dedication he has displayed throughout his career. He has served on Patrol, the Domestic Violence Unit, the Major Case Unit and now in the Child Advocacy Branch. 

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Keira Brooks (5)

Keira is a fantastic community officer who knows how to communicate with teens. She is dedicated and compassionate.