Kristina Garswood (2)

Kristina Garswood is a Windsor Police officer. While she does a very important job there, it is what she does outside of the police that I nominate her for. She is the Executive Director of the Riverfront Theatre Company. This non profit organization is dedicated to providing children under 18 years theatrical training and performance experience.

What makes Kristina amazing is her dedication to these children. I would bet the vast majority of her non working hours are spent in some way ensuring that everything runs smoothly with RTC. In addition to that huge time consuming job, she also actively participates/organizes every charity event, production and practices, and even writes/adapts many of the scripts. Every Saturday she is with the children teaching and training from 10-4. For that reason she is my hero and a hero to at least 58 children and their parents!! She is an amazing person!