2018 Nominees

Keira Brooks (15)

I am pleased to nominate Keira Brooks for the police hero award. Every day, her put her live on the line for the community, she serves and assists members of her community during challenging situations. Her willingness help others and to take on difficult projects and see them to successful completion has repeatedly impressed me over the years.

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Robbilyn Parker (2)

Officer Robbilyn Parker is a pure example of a good woman role model for anyone. She helped out a family with a sensitive situation and was absolutely amazing about it all. Officer Parker is what every cop should be! Photo credit: Dominik Wisniewski/Metroland

Jamie Leslie

Jamie Leslie demonstrated incredible courage and bravery this year after experiencing a significant and dangerous encounter on the job that could have cost him his life. Just another reminder of how these men and women put their lives on the line every day. 

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Emily Heffern

During some of the lowest points of my life, I've dealt with officers of the court system. Most of the time, these officers are cold and only add to what is already a desperate and scary situation. Last year, when I was awaiting trial, I was escorted and handled by Emily Heffern. I remember her name because of how different she was than the rest. 

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Joylene MacNeil

I would like to nominate PC Joylene MacNeil. In 2014, Jo started the Gowns for Girls initiative to see that every girl has a gown for her prom, be it grade 8 or grade 12. She has contacted companies and suppliers to have items donated each year, such as hair up do's, make-up, swag bags filled with new cosmetics and hair brushes, and even has coffee donated to the event from Tim Hortons!

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Jeremy Ashley (2)

Last year, during my first semester of college, I was sexually assaulted at a party. For a long time, I had no idea what I wanted to do, who to talk to, or what would happen with the rape kit I had done at the hospital. After some time, I finally let my parents know what happened and it began to feel real. My parents contacted Jeremy Ashley...

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Amy Finn (16)

Amy met me when I was 18 and I became friends with her son. My life was great at the time... I was planning a wedding and happy as could be. Then one day it ended. I didn't have anywhere to go... no family to help - I was stuck. My friend told his mother (Amy), so she called me, found me, and moved me in. She helped put me through college. 

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Keira Brooks (14)

From simple conversations to full on presentations, Constable Brooks has been a valuable addition to our school community. She has so much to offer from counselling individual students who have a need/issue to sharing her knowledge and expressing her genuine concern for teenagers and the decisions they face daily. 

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Darrell Hatfield

I lost my daughter a few years ago and was going through a very hard time - I had a mental breakdown. The police were called and two officers showed up to my home. Constable Hatfield took the time to speak with me and when he heard where I was coming from, he realized I wasn't a threat - I was just grieving mother who needed help. 

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Jason Veley

My brother has always been my hero. He does his job with his heart on his sleeve, and treats everybody kindly. He is super dedicated to everything he does, and loves to serve and protect - he should be given this recognition.