2018 Nominees

Ian Jarvis

I'd like to say a special thank you and nominate Ian Jarvis for hero of the year award. He is my hero. He went above and beyond. He believed in me when I didn't think anyone would. 

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Ryan Rodrigues

Cst. Ryan Rodrigues is currently one of the Officers of the Mounted Unit with the Hamilton Police Service. I have worked with Ryan for 11 years and have seen him with the public on numerous occasions, interacting with parents and children with his equestrian partner "Lincoln". 

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Kristina Garswood

Kristina Farrington Garswood is tireless in her devotion and dedication to the Riverfront Theatre Company. In her capacity as Executive Director, Kristina creates a safe, caring space for young actors to explore theatre, including children with Autism, ADHD and anxiety. 

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Mark Oberhauser

Mark Oberhauser of the Peel Regional Police Force sustained a severe Traumatic Brain Injury on the job several years ago when responding to a call. With his strength and determination, Mark was able to return to his job as a Police Officer with the Peel Regional Police Force.

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Jagdeep Dhaliwal

I am nominating Const. Jagdeep Dhaliwal of the Hamilton Police Service for the Hero of the Year award because of his contributions to everyone around him. Firstly, Jag is a school liaison officer for Division 3. He is well liked and respected by the students he works with and especially the school staff. Jag completes his work with patience and professionalism. 

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Joanna Styrczula

Joanna has always been my mental image of what it means to be a police officer. She is always respectful, regardless of how she is being treated. From her bravery in going into fire, and her example in the community. I never doubt the hard work and effort she puts into her job daily.

Inspector Mark Patterson

I couldn’t be more proud than to tell you that Mark Patterson is my uncle. Proud for many reasons. Uncle Mark is a respected officer who is very serious and dedicated to his work yet can balance his family and other commitments.

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